2024 Sneak Peek

As 2023 comes to a close, I want to thank our readers on behalf of myself and our authors for supporting Shotgun Honey and Shotgun Honey Books. The year hasn’t been without its bumps and hiccups, but these are things that help us learn and grow. To improve.

We’ve published many wonderful books over the last decade with talented authors to bring you a whole gamut of crime fiction, thrillers, and grit lit. We’ve leaned into the latter in 2023 with THE MOONSHINE MESSIAH by Russell W. Johnson, HERE IN THE DARK by Meagan Lucas, and HARD MOUNTAIN CLAY by C.W. Blackwell. We’ve gone historical with a good dose of grit with ONCE THESE HILLS by Chris McGinley and this months A BAD AND DANGEROUS MAN by Brett Lovell. HURRICANE SEASON by Mark Powell is a heart pounding novel that took the lit from grit and ran with it. You need to read HURRICANE SEASON. Don’t forget the tissues.

We’re not all grit. We had variations of the PI/amateur sleuth this last year with MAGIC CITY BLUES by Bobby Mathews, SIGNS OF PAIN by Ilyn Welch, and most recent A SEANCE FOR WICKED KING DEATH by Coy Hall. You’re sure to see more of that in 2024.

A true representation of Shotgun Honey Books has been our anthology series Shotgun Honey Presents. This last years edition culminated in a very personal volume for myself and included 19 talented authors and myself. THICKER THAN WATER is our first charity benefit anthology, and we’d love for your to buy a copy today.

2024 sees the return of familiar authors and series.

  • Negative Tilt: Stories by Bobby Matthews (Mar 2024)
  • Bad Makes Bad: A Cherry Orozco Mystery by Ilyn Welch (Apr 2024)
  • The Mountain Mystic: A Mountaineer Mystery by Russell W. Johnson (May 2024)
  • The Switchblade Svengali by Coy Hall (Nov 2024)

And many new faces…

  • Doe Run by Sean Jacques (Jun 2024)
  • Janeology by Karen Harrington (Jul 2024)
  • Nightwork by Pete Duval (Jul 2024)
  • Street Song by M.E. Proctor (Aug 2024)
  • Turkeyfoot by Richard Childers (Sep 2024)
  • Good-Looking Ugly by Rob D. Smith (Oct 2024)

And anthologies…

  • Burning Down the House: Crime Fiction Incited by the Songs of the Talking Heads! ed. Michel Lee Garrett and T. Fox Dunham (Apr 2024)
  • Shotgun Honey Presents: At the Edge of Darkness ed. Keith Rosson and Ron Earl Phillips (Oct 2024)

We’re also working into 2025 with Dust and Dark Neon by Thomas Trang. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter which we plan to be very active in 2024.

You might have noticed that our year starts in March, but there will be plenty of new old releases if you’re wanting to dive into our backlog as we re-release our D&O backlist. Over 30 titles you may have overlooked.

Thank you again for all your support. Have a great Holiday. See you next year!


Nestled in the foothills of West Virginia, Ron Earl Phillips lives with his wife, a daughter, a German Shepherd, and one too many cats.