Book Release: Doe Run by Sean Jacques

We are please to announce the release of the debut novel DOE RUN by Sean Jacques. What to Expect inside… Deer hunting season starts in three days, and nearly everyone in the Ozarks is preparing to gun down a big buck. But in the backwoods town of Doe Run, Missouri, wild game won’t be the […]

Book Release: The Mountain Mystic by Russell W. Johnson

We are please to announce the second book in The Mountaineer Mysteries, The Mountain Mystic by Russell W. Johnson. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as you did The Moonshine Messiah. What to Expect inside… Since succeeding her dearly departed husband, Bill, to become Jasper County’s first female sheriff, Mary Beth Cain has closed […]

Book Release: Bad Makes Bad: A Cherry Orozco Mystery by Ilyn Welch

We are thrilled to release Bad Makes Bad by Ilyn Welch, the follow up to her debut novel Signs of Pain featuring Cherry Orozco. About the Book Cherry Orozco keeps slapping women—in her dreams. And she’s a sleep-deprived mess. Free group therapy at a neighborhood mental-health center steers her to confront issues of past and […]

Book Release: Negative Tilt: Stories by Bobby Mathews

Over the last two years we’ve had the pleasure to release Bobby Mathew’s debut, LIVING THE GIMMICK, and sophomore release, MAGIC CITY BLUES. Once again into the breach with NEGATIVE TILT: Stories, a collection that is more than crime, but full of heart, hope, and sorrow. What to Expect inside… An out-of-work journalist finds a […]

Book Release: A Bad and Dangerous Man by Brett Lovell

We are pleased to announce our newest historical thriller based on the true events leading up to the 1912 Hillsville shootout, A Bad and Dangerous Man by Brett Lovell. What to Expect inside… In 1911, a young man reignites a bitter political feud when he kisses the wrong girl at a corn shucking in the […]

Book Release: A Séance for Wicked King Death by Coy Hall

We are very pleased to release our 75th book release with A Séance for Wicked King Death by Coy Hall. What to Expect inside… Royce Pembrook once made a living scamming the gullible, running séances for grieving widows on Millionaires’ Row. He was good—beguiling, charming, and clever—but a miserable stint in prison ended that life. […]

Book Release: Hurricane Season by Mark Powell

We are please to announce the latest novel by Mark Powell, Hurricane Season, a tragic love story of a broken MMA star, a disgraced doctor, and a struggle with addiction and faith. What to Expect inside… Shy Walsh might be the greatest female fighter of her time, but a loss in a Vegas title fight, […]

Book Release: Once These Hills by Chris McGinley

We are please to announce the debut novel by Chris McGinley, Once These Hills, an epic coming of age story featuring a young Lydia King who forages a future in the rugged Appalachia of early 20th century only to be hunted by a dangerous past. What to Expect inside… It’s 1898. Up on Black Boar […]

NOW AVAILABLE – Shotgun Honey Presents: Thicker Than Water edited by Ron Earl Phillips

In our 5th outing with the Shotgun Honey Presents anthology series, editor Ron Earl Phillips presents a collection for 20 stories and a dedication to his mother, Carolyn Jean Phillips. All profits will be donated to benefit Breast Cancer research and support. What to Expect inside… The fifth installment of the Shotgun Honey Presents anthology […]

Book Release: The Moonshine Messiah by Russell W. Johnson

We are please to announce the debut release by Russell W. Johnson, The Moonshine Messiah, the first book in the Mountaineer Mysteries. What to Expect inside… As if being a woman sheriff in the West Virginia coal fields wasn’t tough enough, Mary Beth Cain’s life is complicated by the fact that the local hillbilly crime […]

Book Release: Signs of Pain by Ilyn Welch

We are please to announce the debut novella by Ilyn Welch, Signs of Pain. What to Expect inside… Single, gay and unemployable, Cherry Orozco is resigned to care for her mildly incontinent mother Ida. While dropping Ida off at church bingo, Cherry notices the facility also runs an adult day care, and Paula, a client […]