OEP Announces Singles and FEDERALES


We are please to announce a new novella series we are calling One Eye Press Singles and its flagship title FEDERALES by Christopher Irvin. Singles will have a quarterly release starting with Irvin’s FEDERALES on March 4th, 2014, and followed with June, September and December releases for titles to be announced in the coming months. FEDERALES will release in both digital (Kindle, Nook) and print (Amazon, Limited Pre-Order).


Mexican Federal Agent Marcos Camarena dedicated his life to the job. But in a country where white knights die meaningless deaths, martyred in a hole with fifty other headless bodies in the desert, corruption is not an attribute but a scale; no longer a stigma but the status quo.

When Marcos’s life is threatened, he leaves law enforcement and his life in Mexico City behind for a coastal resort town—until an old friend asks him to look after an outspoken politician, a woman who knows cartel violence all too well. Despite his best efforts, Marcos can’t find it in his heart to refuse, and soon finds himself isolated on the political front lines of the war on drugs.

Inspired by true events, Federales is a story of survivors’ compulsive devotion to a cause in the face of ever-darkening circumstances.

About the Author

Christopher Irvin has traded all hope of a good night’s rest for the chance to spend his mornings writing dark and noir fiction. His short stories have appeared in several publications, including Thuglit, Noir Nation, and Shotgun Honey. He lives with his wife and son in Boston, Massachusetts. For more, visit christopherirvin.net.