NOW AVAILABLE – Shotgun Honey Presents: Thicker Than Water edited by Ron Earl Phillips

In our 5th outing with the Shotgun Honey Presents anthology series, editor Ron Earl Phillips presents a collection for 20 stories and a dedication to his mother, Carolyn Jean Phillips. All profits will be donated to benefit Breast Cancer research and support. What to Expect inside… The fifth installment of the Shotgun Honey Presents anthology […]

Book Release: The Moonshine Messiah by Russell W. Johnson

We are please to announce the debut release by Russell W. Johnson, The Moonshine Messiah, the first book in the Mountaineer Mysteries. What to Expect inside… As if being a woman sheriff in the West Virginia coal fields wasn’t tough enough, Mary Beth Cain’s life is complicated by the fact that the local hillbilly crime […]

Introducing our Gauntlet

On the May 1st, we opened our flash fiction submissions for the first time in 6 months and you didn’t disappoint. What a way to christen or new Gauntlet. Thank you. What is The Gauntlet? Since the start of Shotgun Honey we have had at least a three member submission team who review each and […]

Submissions, Queries, and Patrons, Oh my!

Shotgun Honey silently celebrated its 12th anniversary on April 6th. You may wonder why we didn’t make a big deal about the anniversary and the honest short answer is it’s been a busy year. You can relate, right? Since COVID time has been premium, and it seems there is so little time to be had. […]

Book Release: Signs of Pain by Ilyn Welch

We are please to announce the debut novella by Ilyn Welch, Signs of Pain. What to Expect inside… Single, gay and unemployable, Cherry Orozco is resigned to care for her mildly incontinent mother Ida. While dropping Ida off at church bingo, Cherry notices the facility also runs an adult day care, and Paula, a client […]

Book Release: Magic City Blues by Bobby Mathews

We are please to announce the sophomore release by Bobby Mathews, MAGIC CITY BLUES. What to Expect inside… When low-level legbreaker Kincaid takes on a new assignment, he discovers it’s not really a step up — it’s a setup. The deal was supposed to be this: Protect Abby Doyle, the daughter of Birmingham, Alabama’s most […]

Book Release: Hard Mountain Clay by C.W. Blackwell

We are please to release Hard Mountain Clay by C.W. Blackwell, a harrowing tale of survival for two young siblings in an all too adult world. What to Expect inside… Siblings Ben and Maisy find they have no one to turn to after witnessing a gruesome hit-and-run that shatters their innocence. Not their mother, a […]

New Authors: Chris McGinley, Mark Powell, Coy Hall, Brett Lovell

We are happy to announce our final additions to the 2023 author release schedule. Chris McGinley (Coal Black: Stories) returns to Shotgun Honey with his debut novel Once These Hills. Quick Synopsis It’s 1898 in eastern Kentucky. Three violent convicts escape the penitentiary and unleash Hell on the tiny mountain community of Black Boar. Lydia […]

Book Release: Grit, Black, Blood by Ashley Erwin

We are please to release Grit, Black, Blood by Ashley Erwin, a uniquely grit-laden family saga that bleeds coal from hill to the holler. What to Expect inside… In the last conversation Ronnie reckons he’ll ever have, he’s finally forced to divest the blood lines, giving life to all those bad’ns that make up that […]

Book Release: A Shelter of Others by Charles Dodd White

Returning to print, Shotgun Honey Books is proud to re-release A Shelter of Others by Charles Dodd White. What to Expect inside… Following his release from prison, Mason Laws returns to the mountains of his youth where his estranged wife, Lavada, has been caring for his ailing father in Mason’s absence. The marriage, however, is […]

Book Release: A Mourning Song by Mark Westmoreland

It’s a pleasure today to bring our readers back to Tugalo County with A Mourning Song by Mark Westmoreland. What to Expect inside… Mack Dooley is a haunted man. After the events of A Violent Gospel left Mack at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, he’s back in A Mourning Song, forced to face his […]