Book Release: Love & Bullets: Megabomb Editon by Nick Kolakowski

It’s here at last! All three “Love & Bullets” novellas in a single volume, with 14 chapters of new material, an upgraded ending, and loads more sick humor. It’s the biggest gonzo noir epic of the year, and it’s available from Shotgun Honey’s website, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Here’s the summary for this 400-page crime-fiction monster: Bill […]

New Releases: The Bastard Hand and City of Heretics by Heath Lowrance

Shotgun Honey Books is proud to release the new editions of The Bastard Hand and City of Heretics by Heath Lowrance. Previously out of a print and available again for fans of these neo-noir classics. The Bastard Hand Charlie Wesley is not right in the head. He’s escaped from a mental hospital up north and […]

Changing of the Guard, A new Gauntlet member.

It seems like a short few months ago, in those halcyon pre-corona virus days, that I said good-bye to Nick Kolakowski and Renee Pickup to introduce Nikki Dolson and Paul Garth as new members of the infamous Gauntlet. Since then, headed by Hector Acosta the trio ushered in over 50 new stories, having read hundreds […]

Book Release: Shotgun Honey Presents v4: RECOIL

Shotgun Honey is pleased to announce the release of our 4th anthology: Shotgun Honey Presents v4: RECOIL. Twenty-three tales of crime from all walks of life by a talented catalog of creators. Available from your favorite online vendors in paperback and e-book, or direct order from Down and Out Books. Stories by: “Tell the Man […]

Book Submissions Open until February 28, 2020

Shotgun Honey Books, an imprint of Down & Out Books, is now open for book submissions for our limited 2021 catalog of 4-6 books. We will be selective, looking for books in the crime genre that are unique whether they be coming of age (Hardway, Dillo, The Furious Way), road trips (A Brutal Bunch of […]

The New Faces of Shotgun Honey, Submissions Open for Flash Fiction

Since 2011, Shotgun Honey has been honored to have a variety of talented writers helm what we fondly call the “Gauntlet.” A right of passage for every story that graces our site, where the story is reviewed individually by three submission editors and requires a majority vote. It started with Kent Gowran, Sabrina Ogden and […]

Book Release: Coal Black by Chris McGinley

Synopsis Coal Black is unfiltered mountain crime. Set in the hills of eastern Kentucky, these tales lay bare the dark realities of the region. Sometimes the backdrop is the opiod epidemic and all the human detritus that comes with it. Other times it’s poachers or petty thieves who take center stage, people whose wild desperation […]