Shotgun Honey Presents v5 Open Submissions

After a delay, we are pleased to announce our 5th edition of Shotgun Honey Presents. Unlike prior anthologies, this edition will be limited to stories featuring women protagonists or antagonists. I have been framing this as an anthology about strong women straddling both sides of the law, but women have always been strong. So I’m not going to laydown what kind of story you tell, though I would prefer it not be intentionally demeaning or contain content that condones or encourages abuse. What defines a strong woman is up to you, but I do hope you will avoid tropes and stereotypes.

Be creative. Be thoughtful. Don’t try to make a story fit. If you’ve got a story, you’ve got a story. If you have an idea, but not a story, I will consider pitches after the deadline.

The submission window is very short, two weeks from today, May 17, 2022.

This anthology will be dedicated to my mother, Carolyn Jean Phillips, who, as bias as I am, was a woman of great strength and who gave her life to the service of others working with families in need, as well as care for her own family. She encountered many dark turns in her life and career. She spoke her strength with action.

The proposed release date for Shotgun Honey Presents v5 is August 11, 2023, her birthday.

Again, I’m not looking for you to cosplay my mother in these stories. She is the inspiration, not the plot. I look forward to your interpretations of strength and womanhood.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nestled in the foothills of West Virginia, Ron Earl Phillips lives with his wife, a daughter, a German Shepherd, and one too many cats.