Shotgun Honey

Details by Dale Sandlin

It’s funny how people react when there’s a gun pointed at your face. Most are paralyzed by fear. Frozen stiff as they stare down the nose of barking death. Some get weirdly calm, like a Buddhist monk contemplating his belly button. As if focusing on breathing, on being in the moment will somehow mitigate the […]

The Men My Husband Brings Home for Me by Richie Narvaez

The blue collar men just zip up and leave. The white collar men leave money on the dresser. (Which goes to the church, of course.) A basketball player talked about sports strategies with my husband the whole time. There was the lumbersexual who commented on the bedroom décor, which made me blush with pride. He’s […]

Book Release: The Moonshine Messiah by Russell W. Johnson

We are please to announce the debut release by Russell W. Johnson, The Moonshine Messiah, the first book in the Mountaineer Mysteries. What to Expect inside… As if being a woman sheriff in the West Virginia coal fields wasn’t tough enough, Mary Beth Cain’s life is complicated by the fact that the local hillbilly crime […]

Burden of Proof by Anthony Lukas

What a shit, she thought, looking at Eddie across the interrogation table, he of the greasy stringy hair and unibrow.  How can he have a single thick eyebrow like that, she wondered idly, but have that  hair and a beard that is just patches of hair here and there? His skinny face beneath the brow […]

Azrael Wears Anne Klein by Jon Jordan

August 23, 2022 10:59 pm Flashing lights in my rear-view mirror. I pulled the car over, lifted the Ruger from my purse and held it low.  My plane will board in forty-five minutes. Last year four hundred and seventy-two cops were killed in the line of duty.  Look it up.  In the same time period, […]

House Warming by Ella Ahrens

Frank leaned against the back of the house and inhaled the August heat, taking it deep to the bone, like the first burn of a good tequila going down slow. This was a crisp, dry quality they didn’t get back home, and he took his time absorbing it with the dedication of a junkie. The […]

Introducing our Gauntlet

On the May 1st, we opened our flash fiction submissions for the first time in 6 months and you didn’t disappoint. What a way to christen or new Gauntlet. Thank you. What is The Gauntlet? Since the start of Shotgun Honey we have had at least a three member submission team who review each and […]

Baby Sister by Archer Sullivan

Maddie didn’t do it. No, don’t look at her. Look at me. I did it so you can look at me, Officer. Why? You wanna know why? You look surprised. Surprised I’m laughing, like you didn’t grow up right here in this same town with us. Like you didn’t know how ol’ Frank was. Like […]

New Dawn by Beau Johnson

I tell him I was a child when my father is ripped apart. Nine going on ten, in fact. I explain how it went down but admit the pieces of information I’d been given throughout the years can at best only recreate my father’s demise as a facsimile and nothing more. “I do imagine he […]

Chloroform by Jolie Lindholm

I pick at the chair’s crumbling vinyl armrest. A fragment disintegrates between my fingers. I drag the chair closer to him and its wheels screech against the basement’s linoleum. “Bruce?” I lean over his slumped figure. “Are you awake?” He squints and looks up at me. A sliver of light emphasizes the brown flecks in […]

Midday Drinks by T.L. States

I never thought of myself as an alcoholic. When I was in the Air Force, sneaking a sip from the kegerator in the conference room? Just putting a defibrillator to the barely beating pulse of my work life. The fact it was in the middle of the day was mere coincidence. I mean, try riding […]

Submissions, Queries, and Patrons, Oh my!

Shotgun Honey silently celebrated its 12th anniversary on April 6th. You may wonder why we didn’t make a big deal about the anniversary and the honest short answer is it’s been a busy year. You can relate, right? Since COVID time has been premium, and it seems there is so little time to be had. […]