Interview: Anthony Neil Smith

Nestled in a farm town just this side of Minneapolis, Anthony Neil Smith uses the frigid world of his adopted home state, Minnesota, with snow rake at hand and Herman Dog at his side, to write crime. Neil, he’s a middle-name-kind-of-guy, sounds like a superhero and to many he is as the nefarious Doc Noir: […]

No-Account Sonofabitch by Heath Lowrance

Wilby’s on his fifth beer when the kid comes in. Normally Wilby wouldn’t even notice new arrivals, but this one catches his eye because the kid is already clearly drunk as hell. The kid staggers up, slides unsteadily into the seat next to Wilby. Bartender says, “What’ll it be?” and the kid says, “Shot’a Maker’s. […]

One Man’s Trash by R Thomas Brown

Phil lumbered out of his truck and opened the lock he had placed on the storage unit that morning. The orange door slid open, revealing the stacks of boxes that hid the value he saw during the five minutes of allotted time before bidding commenced. He hoped he’d find treasure in the back, and not […]

The Job by Pearce Kilgour

I don’t believe in coincidence. In my line of work, there is a natural flow and ebb. Just a matter of watching for the signs. If given a chance and a bit of research I can often stand to get enough to semi-retire for a year or two. Fully retire? I don’t have a choice. […]

Interview: Ray Banks

In the category of Authors Deserving More Recognition, Especially Here In The States, I present Ray Banks. Ray Banks, hailing from the shores of Edinburgh, has worked, in his own words, “as a wedding singer, double-glazing salesman, croupier, dole monkey, and various degrees of disgruntled temp.” He is the author of the Cal Innes series […]

Circumstantial by John Kenyon

“So, Juanita, let’s go over this, OK?” Briggs was leaning back in the metal chair, the crack in the worn vinyl seat cushion pinching his ass. West was leaning against the wall by the door, eyes closed; probably asleep on his feet. Briggs marveled at the skill. “What you wanna know?” said Juanita. She was […]

Clown Town by Frank Larnerd

Zappo watched as a stray dog wearing a silly hat, pissed on the mailbox in front of Amazing Rondo’s TV repair. Behind the iron gates of the shop, a row of televisions flickered attracting a cloud of insects. On the TVs, the Mayor was giving an address to a sea of reporters. There was no […]

Bebe by Matthew C. Funk

It took years for Bebe Pink to lose everything. I met her like I did most of the worst: As a rookie patrol in 2002. Bebe didn’t have much then—just a rap sheet long as the complete works of Shakespeare, only bloodier. I flipped through it as she stared me down in interrogation. It was […]

The End of the Night by Eva Dolan

“I’ve been thrown outta way better places than this,” Damon said. He picked himself up off the pavement.  There was blood on his shirt, champagne on his trousers at two fifty a bottle.  He never got a sip of it. The girl’s red pastie was still stuck to his fingers. “Hey, Mike Tyson’s retarded brother, […]

Everything Works Out For Once by Cameron Ashley

Cafe Gigliotti. John G sips his macchiato. “Hey, kid, how’s the fucken face?” The kid, John’s barista, wipes down the coffee machine, touches the bridge of his nose. It didn’t set right after a misunderstanding with Fido, one of John’s guys, got it broke and he’s still all fucken pouty about it. John reckons he […]

Felons And Fantasies by Garnett Elliott

In the watchtower’s shadows, plastic dice rattled. “A 14.  You missed the Goblin King, LeShayne.”  Ross bounced a twenty-sider against the worn concrete.  “But one of his guards throws a spear at you–hits.” Breaths sucked in.  Ross glanced at the ring of stoic faces.  LeShayne, Donal, Marquez, Harris, and Sykes.  Convicted killers, every one.  Lean […]

Bad Manners by Julia Madeleine

Angie was well aware of her husband’s cheating. Just as soon as she got that GPS installed in his car, the curtains parted on his duplicity. By then Angie knew all about the other woman. Her name; Lorna. Where she lived; in a crappy apartment building around the corner from Jay’s office. Their blow up […]