Pele’s Prerogative – Part One

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Chekhov’s Gun by John Scheck

“Never place a loaded gun onstage if it isn’t going to go off.” – Anton Chekhov Between murders, suicides, and accidents there were 45,000 firearm deaths in the USA in 2021. What would Chekhov say about introducing 400 million guns onstage? The iron gate to Wally’s Pawn Shop opened with a buzz from an electronic […]

NOW AVAILABLE – Shotgun Honey Presents: Thicker Than Water edited by Ron Earl Phillips

In our 5th outing with the Shotgun Honey Presents anthology series, editor Ron Earl Phillips presents a collection for 20 stories and a dedication to his mother, Carolyn Jean Phillips. All profits will be donated to benefit Breast Cancer research and support. What to Expect inside… The fifth installment of the Shotgun Honey Presents anthology […]

Something Sweet, Something Special by Ambrielle Butler

My mom gave me the box for my eighth birthday. Told me to fill it with something sweet, something special. She said it was good to keep things close to the heart, something to remember him by. When daddy died, it was like my world shattered quick as the mirrors he’d break with his fist. […]

Bargain Time by Blu Gilliand

I’ve been watching this guy for about a week now. Ever since they announced they were tearing down the Bargain Time. Back in the day, Bargain Time was on of those places that sold a little bit of everything. Tools and clothes and toys and kitchen stuff and chain saws and appliances, all under one […]

The Regular by Jason Butkowski

“You can’t sit here.” “What’d you say, old timer?” He was a grizzly in a Packers jersey, with wrists the size of my neck. If you fuck this up, I thought, he’s going to kill you and use your femur as a toothpick. “I sai . . . I said you can’t sit here,” I […]

Carolyn’s Eyes by James Patrick Focarile

“I already told you, I can’t move it,” said Mooney. He sat at a metal-framed desk. I tossed a newspaper to him. It landed with a thump. “Say’s it’s worth two million.” He glanced at the headline above the fold. “Yeah, Danny, front page.” “Two million,” I repeated. “This thing’s hotter than Carolyn’s ass on […]

That’s Why They Have Fences by J. M. Taylor

Don’t start with the jokes. Yes, I know the fence around the cemetery is because people are dying to get in. You think I haven’t heard that like every time I get a beer after work? Christ, think up something new, will ya? I mean, the real funny shit I see don’t make for a […]

Hill Murder by Jan Stinchcomb

Dad was gone. Mom, her cheekbone cracked from his most recent liquor-fueled rage, mourned only the loss of his truck, not that we left home much. We were the last of the holdouts, still living on the hill in the season of endless fire. The crows stayed with us despite the smoke. They were so […]

Non Gratum Anus Rodentum by Scott Sullivan

There are at least seven ways to kill a person with a ballpoint pen. I read that somewhere once. Too bad the author didn’t describe any of them. If I knew one I might’ve tried it. I guess I could‘ve just stabbed the Bic in my hand through the man’s eye and into his brain. […]

Details by Dale Sandlin

It’s funny how people react when there’s a gun pointed at your face. Most are paralyzed by fear. Frozen stiff as they stare down the nose of barking death. Some get weirdly calm, like a Buddhist monk contemplating his belly button. As if focusing on breathing, on being in the moment will somehow mitigate the […]

The Men My Husband Brings Home for Me by Richie Narvaez

The blue collar men just zip up and leave. The white collar men leave money on the dresser. (Which goes to the church, of course.) A basketball player talked about sports strategies with my husband the whole time. There was the lumbersexual who commented on the bedroom décor, which made me blush with pride. He’s […]