Bedtime by Craig Daly

The only light in the room came from a dinosaur lamp. Laura perched on her son’s bed and read him his favourite book, and halfway through the story, he put his hand on hers and said, ‘Is Daddy coming to the park tomorrow?’ ‘I don’t know, sweetheart. We’ll see in the morning.’ ‘I hope he […]

Dispatches from the Underworld by Mark Atley

Conway Cooper arrives at the motel on north Garnett just past 10 PM to get the story for Dispatches from Tulsa Underworld, a Facebook and social media group of freelancers all under the tutelage of forced-into-retirement newshound Sonny Rowan, and finds a group of officers circled around a handcuffed young man commanded to sit on […]

Victims by Shane Joaquin Jimenez

After midnight, they pulled up to the house that matched the street number written with ballpoint pen on a cocktail napkin. The kid was still talking. “I know you haven’t seen me in action, but I’m here to work. What I bring to the table is, I watch. I listen. And when the time comes…”  […]

Your Purchase is Complete by E.A. Aymar

Goliath Axes: FAQ Thank you for your interest in Goliath Axes! At Goliath, we pride ourselves on axes guaranteed to give the sharpest cut with every swing. Our wood and steel are manufactured right here in the USA, and our axes have been sold throughout the world since 1918. Before contacting customer service, please read […]

Gift Wrapped by M.E. Proctor

“I’m not holding up a refrigerated van, Steve.” “We’re not stopping the truck. We wait for the guys to deliver the packages.” Jimmy groaned. “I don’t want a frozen turkey. I need stuff to sell. For cash. This Christmas racket is a dud.” Steve wouldn’t mind a turkey or a cheesecake. Leena and baby Rose […]

Probable Cause by Rick Childers

Christmas Eve was never a good day for Jamie. Right now her rearview mirror was filled with flashing blue lights from the police cruiser sitting behind her. She was wishing more than anything that she was a six-foot-tall man with a mean streak. Wishing that she had a fist of stone like her daddy’s and […]

Book Release: A Bad and Dangerous Man by Brett Lovell

We are pleased to announce our newest historical thriller based on the true events leading up to the 1912 Hillsville shootout, A Bad and Dangerous Man by Brett Lovell. What to Expect inside… In 1911, a young man reignites a bitter political feud when he kisses the wrong girl at a corn shucking in the […]

Ground Zero for Pete Costa by Kieran Shea

-Morgan? -Yeah? -It’s kind of cold out here, man. -It’s December, blockhead. -I know it’s December. I mean, I just thought— -Thought what, Gene? Where’s your coat? -I’ve been in Tampa for the last two months, dude. -And yet, world traveler that you are, you fly up here to New Jersey, a week before Christmas, […]

2024 Sneak Peek

As 2023 comes to a close, I want to thank our readers on behalf of myself and our authors for supporting Shotgun Honey and Shotgun Honey Books. The year hasn’t been without its bumps and hiccups, but these are things that help us learn and grow. To improve. We’ve published many wonderful books over the […]

Sextrasensory Perception by Lee Hammerschmidt

Chapter One Mystic Mambo Jasmine Tespire, psychic superstar, gazed intently into her crystal ball. “I see a hotel room,” Jasmine said. “A couple are having drinks.” “Who are they,” Petula Spandau asked frantically. “I get the feeling they are people you know well.” Jasmine paused. “They are undressing. They are moving towards the bed, kissing […]

The Eggplant by Mehnaz Sahibzada

The first time, when Yasmin was sixteen, she hid the necklace under a mattress. Her mother stumbled upon it while cleaning her bedroom, but Yasmin claimed she’d won it in the school’s cooking competition, and her mother bought the lie. Growing up, Yasmin spoke Urdu at home but English in all other places except the […]

Respecting Pigs by Marie Anderson

By the time Liora arrived at the pre-auction party, the air was thick with chatter, chuckles, and occasional Sieg Heils. She strode past tables of gowned ladies and tuxedoed gentlemen, climbed on the stage, and nodded at two armed guards who flanked the item to be auctioned. It was concealed in a cube covered by […]