Trophy Wife by Casey Stegman

Betsy Booth (aka Miss Ocracoke 2012) stood equal distance between her lover, Dale Chumley (aka Detective Chumley of the Ralston County Sheriff’s Department), and her husband, Big Hank Booth (aka The Mall Baron), in the empty food court of the Hawktail Galleria.  It was two hours after closing, and most of the lights were out, […]

The Competition by Kathryn Prater Bomey

With her wooden cane, Susie scatters away the stones in front of her and gingerly takes a step. Inhaling a shaky breath, she looks around. Concrete rubble. Broken steel rods. Ruins. She closes her eyes. She can still remember those majestic columns, guiding shoppers through that bustling California department store six decades ago. Hard to […]

The Referee by C.W. Blackwell

I called him The Referee because he never wore a stitch of color. Black jacket. Black slacks. White undershirt. Once, he showed up in a black and white-striped sweater and that’s when the name really stuck. He sat in the corner of the bar and drank rum with orange slices, watching small town traffic through […]

Pele’s Prerogative (Part Nine) by Albert Tucher

“We didn’t meet properly the other day,” the young man said. “I’m Ralph. I know. I don’t look like a Ralph. Everybody tells me that.” “Jenny,” she said. “I guess you’re what a Ralph looks like.” Participating in the demented dialog gave her a moment to think. “You’re welcome,” he said. “For what?” “Getting rid […]

Book Release: Hurricane Season by Mark Powell

We are please to announce the latest novel by Mark Powell, Hurricane Season, a tragic love story of a broken MMA star, a disgraced doctor, and a struggle with addiction and faith. What to Expect inside… Shy Walsh might be the greatest female fighter of her time, but a loss in a Vegas title fight, […]

One Last Dance for Your Friend by Meghan Leigh Paulk

When you walk through the doors of Club Ten, my jaw drops like a broken elevator. To see you again. Here. After the way we left things. Still, I shouldn’t be surprised. You’ve always been an inveterate, indiscriminate pussy-hound despite your incongruous streak of piety. You and your friend, both in polo shirts like matched […]

Shared Frequency by Thomas Trang

A day and a night locked up in Century Regional before they grill her in the box room, but she’s still the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. A porcelain doll in the SoCal heat. They cut her loose late afternoon. Not enough evidence. He tails her to a cocktail lounge on Del Amo. The […]

Hangman’s Whisper by Jonathan Newman

I can’t have been much more than a child when I saw my first execution; a hanging in the town square, a murderer, I believe. Townsfolk gathered. I was with my Uncle Clyde. Naturally, this was before his untimely incarceration years later for robbing that liquor store with Grandpa’s gun. Wasn’t even loaded; make of […]

Sleep Rough by Brandon Barrows

Leo woke, instantly alert. Distant car sounds. Closer, the wide, dirty river. The sounds that didn’t belong came again: soft, shuffling steps. He stared into darkness, cardboard walls close around him. Instinct screamed keep still, keep quiet. He reached for Lucy to see if she was awake. Instead of warm body, there was only cold […]

Sleep Like a Baby by Julie Hastrup

Ariella wasn’t on the train. She always took the 5:45 from Hoboken to yoga class. What had changed? Despite hating yoga, Denise attended class religiously. It was her one chance to spend time with Ariella. Denise’s intermittent reflection in the train’s window tricked her brain into thinking Ariella stared back. Watching the girl each week […]