Ambrose McJunkin


Ambrose McJunkin lived the first four years of his life on the Big Island of Hawaii before being extradited to the Pacific Northwest, for what could only have been a grave past-life injustice. Though not historically as attracted to words as he has been to numbers, being alone with his thoughts has been a life staple, and the prospect of legitimizing that activity by channeling it into creating surprising, genre-confusing stories excites him. Despite the fact that he’s an ex-member of many online writing forums and that the left side of his brain keeps pulling him in other directions, he cannot give up his nostalgia for that nine-year-old boy who used to write Mortal Kombat stories. He now lives in Bozeman, Montana, with his wife, Jill, and dreads shoveling snow every winter.

Stories by Ambrose McJunkin