Barry Graham

Barry Graham is a Caledonian gentleman of letters whose previous occupations have included prize-fighting, monastic vocation, the fourth estate, vagabondage and the general avoidance of honest toil. Finding himself constitutionally befitted to the telling of tales, he has penned many noir novels, including Of Darkness and Light, How Do You Like Your Blue-Eyed Boy?, The Wrong Thing and When It All Comes Down to Dust.

These exercises in depravity have oft been the undeserving recipients of literary awards; indeed, in 1995 the American Library Association disgraced itself by selecting The Book of Man as one of the best books of the year. That same year, he fled his native land for the U.S.A., and thus far has managed to avoid deportation.

The French have shown themselves to have poor taste equivalent to that of the Celts and the Yanquis, as three of Mr. Graham’s novels and a collection of his shorter tales have been translated for the edification of Francophones.

His reportage and ruminations have been published in such otherwise estimable organs as Harper’s Magazine, Flaunt, Scotland on Sunday, Parabola, The Arizona Republic and Scottish Sunday Mail. He is presently a columnist at The Big Click.

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