Isaac Kirkman


Mystic, Servant of the Most High, founding member of the Low Writers Collective, 1/5th of Zelmer Pulp, and a member of The Southern Collective Experience, and The Last Ancients. Isaac Kirkman was born in Greenville, SC, and currently resides in Arizona. He is a student at the Tucson Branch of The Philip Schultz founded Writers Studio.

His work has been published in Thuglit, Out of the Gutter, Shotgun Honey, Zelmer Pulp, Menacing Hedge, Apeiron Review, Counterexample Poetics, (w/Jamez Chang)and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

He is known for his highly-lyrical, social-conscious, Chillwave/Dreampop style crime fiction dubbed Holy Noir.

Stories by Isaac Kirkman