James D.F. Hannah


James D.F. Hannah is the Shamus Award-nominated author of the Henry Malone novels, as well as the novel THE RIGHTEOUS PATH. His short fiction has previously appeared in the Shepherd University Anthology of Appalachian Writers and Crossed Genres magazine. A native of eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia, Hannah was an award-winning former journalist and James D.F. Hannah is the Shamus Award-winning author of the Henry Malone series; his most recent novel, Behind the Wall of Sleep, won the 2020 Shamus Award for Best Paperback Original. His short fiction has appeared in Rock and a Hard PlaceCrossed GenresShotgun Honey, The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, and Only the Good Die Young: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Billy Joel, as well as the upcoming anthology Trouble No More: Crime Fiction inspired by The Allman Brothers.

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