A Bad and Dangerous Man by Brett Lovell

In 1911, a young man reignites a bitter political feud when he kisses the wrong girl at a corn shucking in the rural Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Old grudges collide with corrupt politicians and culminate in a massacre inside of the county courthouse. The authorities blame members of the Allen Clan, a family of fiercely […]

A Séance for Wicked King Death by Coy Hall

Royce Pembrook once made a living scamming the gullible, running séances for grieving widows on Millionaires’ Row. He was good—beguiling, charming, and clever—but a miserable stint in prison ended that life. Now it’s 1956, and Royce is an ex-con, working for a wage on the wrong side of town, struggling to stay out of the […]

Hurricane Season by Mark Powell

Shy Walsh might be the greatest female fighter of her time, but a loss in a Vegas title fight, and the sneaking suspicion that she wanted to lose, sends her reeling back to her Central Florida home and her dying mother. She needs some perspective, she needs to pull herself together. But one day she […]

Once These Hills by Chris McGinley

It’s 1898. Up on Black Boar Mountain in eastern Kentucky, life is quiet for the small settlement of farmers who work the land around their cabins. But when ten-year old Lydia King unearths an ancient, preservedbody on the seep bog, a curse is let loose. At least that’s what some people believe. They might be […]

The Moonshine Messiah by Russell W. Johnson

As if being a woman sheriff in the West Virginia coal fields wasn’t tough enough, Mary Beth Cain’s life is complicated by the fact that the local hillbilly crime syndicate is run by her mother, Mamie. It’s an association that, along with Mary Beth’s head-busting ways, has her staring down a corruption investigation when she […]

Magic City Blues by Bobby Mathews

When low-level legbreaker Kincaid takes on a new assignment, he discovers it’s not really a step up — it’s a setup. The deal was supposed to be this: Protect Abby Doyle, the daughter of Birmingham, Alabama’s most dangerous crime lord. But when Abby’s fiancé is found murdered, Kincaid is forced to team up with BPD […]

Grit, Black, Blood by Ashley Erwin

In the last conversation Ronnie reckons he’ll ever have, he’s finally forced to divest the blood lines, giving life to all those bad’ns that make up that small Kentucky town. A sixty year jaunt down memory lane, this sprawling honkey-tonk saga is chock full of striking miners, mountain men, booze runners, gambling addicts, Dixie mafia-Mason-family […]

A Mourning Song by Mark Westmoreland

Mack Dooley is a haunted man. After the events of A Violent Gospel left Mack at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, he’s back in A Mourning Song, forced to face his demons. When his brother resurfaces, Mack finds himself caught up in a turf war between the Bohannon crime family and a gang of […]

Hell of a Mess by Nick Kolakowski

The heist should have been a simple one: infiltrate the top floor of a luxury New York City penthouse, steal a server with compromising data from under the noses of the unsuspecting guards, and slip back out. Fiona, master thief and occasional assassin, has pulled off similar jobs dozens of times. But with a massive […]

A Shelter of Others by Charles Dodd White

Following his release from prison, Mason Laws returns to the mountains of his youth where his estranged wife, Lavada, has been caring for his ailing father in Mason’s absence. The marriage, however, is as damaged as his father’s mind. Resentments crowd out Mason’s desire to reconcile and instead of a true homecoming, Mason seeks the […]

Lambs of Men by Charles Dodd White

Reeling from his memories from the battlefields of Europe in World War I, Marine Corps Sergeant Hiram Tobit returns to the remote Appalachian mountains of his youth to recruit a new generation of woodsmen to serve the nation’s armed forces. His native country, however, is fraught with memories of a dead brother, a drunken father, […]

Living the Gimmick by Bobby Mathews

When retired pro wrestler Alex Donovan sees his best friend, former world champion ‘The Wild Child’ Ray Wilder, gunned down in the street, he’s drawn back into a world of spandex, spangles, and spotlights in order to find the killer. As Donovan digs deeper into Ray’s life, he realizes that the list of people who […]