Royce Pembrook once made a living scamming the gullible, running séances for grieving widows on Millionaires’ Row. He was good—beguiling, charming, and clever—but a miserable stint in prison ended that life.

Now it’s 1956, and Royce is an ex-con, working for a wage on the wrong side of town, struggling to stay out of the gutter.

Enter Anna Vogel, an old colleague still preying on those who turn to the occult for surcease from sorrow. Frantic with stolen cash in her pocket, Anna’s on the run. When Royce helps her flee the city, she pulls him back into the fraudulent world of ghost talk, parlor tricks, and black-veiled mourners.

But, for Royce Pembrook, the past has not returned by chance. In this noir thriller, the specter of murder motivates all.