Chasing China White

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September 27, 2019
September 27, 2019

About Chasing China White

Derek Weaver’s a junkie.

He’s also homeless and jobless and into his dealer for way more cash than he can hope to repay. So when he’s given an ultimatum by the regional heroin supplier—commit a home invasion and steal enough jewelry to cover that man’s debt or take a one-way trip into the Atlantic on a lobster boat—he makes the only possible choice.

But things go sideways and Derek soon finds himself a multiple murderer on the run from both law enforcement and the mob. Trapped in a diner, using his own brother as a hostage to prevent police from storming the building, Derek begins to realize the only way out of a hopeless situation may come from facing down ancient demons he’s long ignored.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Allan Leverone comes a noir/crime novella crackling with suspense. Chasing China White explores the limits of blood relationships, family ties, and whether some people’s crimes place them beyond all hope of redemption.

Praise for Chasing China White

CHASING CHINA WHITE starts with a simple premise—a desperate junkie agrees to do a favor for his dealer—but with each page, Allan Leverone raises the stakes and turns the screws until you’re left holding your breath at the edge of your seat. This noir tale is impossible to set aside until you follow its spiral all the way down.

— Hilary Davidson, Anthony Award–winning author of ONE SMALL SACRIFICE.

As dark as the bottom of a well, this story clips along from one calamity to another. The real suspense here is whether Derek will see redemption, but Leverone makes us question if anyone really does. This is a strong dose that gets your heart pumping and will make you sweat, but like an addict, you won’t want to quit.

— Eric Beetner, author of ALL THE WAY DOWN

As poignant as it is bleak and violent, Allan Leverone’s CHASING CHINA WHITE is a powerful, expertly-written slice of gritty, bare-bones crime fiction, and just like the addiction it explores, once it has you in its grip, all you want is more.  Highly recommended.

— Greg F. Gifune, author, DANGEROUS BOYS

Allan Leverone has a new one out—CHASING CHINA WHITE—a novel with a thrilling plot, evocative setting, deep characterization—suspenseful—you can’t put it down–this book has it all.

— Les Edgerton, Author, ADRENALINE JUNKIE, THE BITCH, THE RAPIST and others.