In the last conversation Ronnie reckons he’ll ever have, he’s finally forced to divest the blood lines, giving life to all those bad’ns that make up that small Kentucky town. A sixty year jaunt down memory lane, this sprawling honkey-tonk saga is chock full of striking miners, mountain men, booze runners, gambling addicts, Dixie mafia-Mason-family dynasty, Nascar, Elvis crooners, natural disasters, gun thugs, Unions, legends, railroad men, proper New York aristocracy running amok against always-been-here-hill-folk, Irish, Scottish, Gullah, red, black, and white, all of ‘em working for Davis Brother’s Mining collective in the 30’s, 60’s, and what would come with the aftermath of that blood history’s violence, the 90’s. Some of it taking place elsewhere like Texas, Georgia, and down country road divides but the majority of it seeping and rooting in Hazard. the most dangerous town in all of Kentucky.