Shy Walsh might be the greatest female fighter of her time, but a loss in a Vegas title fight, and the sneaking suspicion that she wanted to lose, sends her reeling back to her Central Florida home and her dying mother. She needs some perspective, she needs to pull herself together. But one day she meets Thomas Clayton, a doctor recently released from prison, and everything changes. They fall in love, maybe, but Tommy has his own demons, and what begins as an attempt to build a life together quickly devolves into a criminal enterprise that spans the state. Helpless in the face of addiction and guilt, and, most especially, the peculiar brokenness of being American in the 21st Century, Shy and Tommy descend into a nightmare existence of crime and isolation.

Hurricane Season is a noir thriller about fighting and addiction, prison and drugs; but more than that, it is a love story set in the carnage of an America wrecked by inequality.