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Praise for Merry Bookmas from One Eye Press!

“As spare and evocative as a desert sunset, Texas, Hold Your Queens, is a stiletto of a tale aimed right at your heart. A crime story about the blurry line between justice and the law and the severe consequences that result when that line is crossed. Ms. Croswell’s dark story lingered in my mind long after I finished the last sentence.”

Mike Miner, author of Hurt Hawks and Prodigal Sons

Texas, Hold Your Queens is a smoldering, hardboiled novella with a unique mix of violence and tenderness, identity, revenge, and fate. Two pieces of pop culture emerged as I was reading this. One makes perfect sense. With its southern setting and heat, Queens evokes True Detective (the excellent first season), with its reliance on a deft, complex personal relationship between two cops on the hunt for a monster. The other reference is a little more off the cuff. But reading Queens, I couldn’t stop recalling the old Joe Jackson song “The Real Men,” and the line: ‘If there’s war between the sexes / then there’ll be no people left.’ And if war has been declared, I am taking the side of Mason Page and Farrah Tyler.”

Joe Clifford, author of December Boys and Lamentation

“A deeply affecting love story beats at the heart of this terrific southwestern noir.”

Nick Kolakowski, author of A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps

“Ryan Sayles writes like he’s got an angel on one shoulder and a fallen angel on the other. Here’s hoping Ryan keeps working it out on the page… and doesn’t make much progress.”

Jedidiah Ayres, author of Fierce Bitches and Peckerwood

“Take the emotional grittiness of Breakdown, turn the violence dial to eleven, throw in a healthy dose of desperation multiplied by having kids involved, and you’re on your way to something akin to Ryan Sayles’ Goldfinches. This is a brutal, tense, fast-paced ride full of the relentless brutality and knack for action that have made Sayles a household name for fans of great crime fiction, and this vicious ride may just be his best one yet.”

Gabino Inglesias, author of Zero Saints and Hungry Darkness

Miner’s Hurt Hawks is like well-aged bourbon. It’s smooth, smoky but with a kick! There are hints of Frederick Forsyth’s Dogs of War and a very pleasing Elmore Leonard after taste. It’s an action-packed noir beauty. Kick off your shoes and drink it straight.

Joe Gannon, author of Night of the Jaguar and The Last Dawn

“Wars never really end; the fight just follows you home. In Hurt Hawks, Mike Miner brings the battlefield to Dorchester, Massachusetts, steeping his tale of revenge and honor in deep New England roots. It’s like if Harry Brown (and a few of his closest pals) lived in a Dennis Lehane novel. With lean, exacting prose and imagery that cuts to the bone, Miner shows what life is like when the bombs fade and the smoke drifts away. Because a new enemy is always ready to take the place of the old, and men born to fight do what they do best: they survive. Or they die trying.”

Joe Clifford, author of Junkie Love and Lamentation

Mike Miner’s prose style is as spare as the final round in your last magazine and as singular in purpose. Hurt Hawks is propelled most of all by great characterization. Add to that a very timely setting, and a story that echoes both the tragic and heroic elements of Yojimbo and Seven Samurai, and this book is a shot that hits the mark.

Bracken MacLeod, author of Mountain Home and White Knight

“I want a Black Jaguar TV series. And an action figure. And a lunchbox. And Blacky-branded brass knuckles. Until that day, I’ll settle for this razor-sharp, rattling buzzsaw of a novella.”

Rob Hart, author of New Yorked

“Don’t let the Heavenly name fool you, Angel Colon’s writing brings the heat. The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is a darkly wry, bare-knuckle brawl of a book that’ll leave you seeing stars. Five star reviews that is. I sure as Hell hope Angel has more in store for Blacky Jaguar, because this character has more fight in him than can be contained in a single novella.”

Bracken MacLeod, author of Mountain Home and White Knight

The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is a hardboiled Guy Ritchie-esque romp that clocks you in the jaw and leaves you eager for more the instant the credits roll. Angel Colón is only beginning what is sure to be a career to watch.”

Christopher Irvin, author of Burn Card and Federales

“Angel Colón’s writing mixes brutal violence with dark humor, but he never forgets the emotional truth of his characters. Colón and The Fury of Blacky Jaguar should be on everyone’s radar now. Readers are going to love this exciting new voice.”

Dave White, Shamus Award Nominated author of Not Even Past

“Tom Pitts’ excellent novella, Knuckleball, is the same type of pitch: so deceptive that it takes the reader by surprise, inducing him to swing at a phantom while the ball sails by unscathed.”

William E. Wallace, author of Dead Heat with the Reaper

“Tom Pitts’ Knuckleball comes at you with all the twists and turns the name implies, a devastating snapshot of brutality and tragedy, rage and fear, and a twisted ray of something that almost passes for hope. Pitts deftly sets up lives you care about, then propels you forward as he knocks them down.”

Jon McGoran, author of Drift and Deadout

“A gut-punch of a story written at a blistering pace by a master of street noir. If you dig tales with wire-tight tension, stuffed with characters that massage the margins of life then pick up Mr. Pitts latest work.”

Mike McCrary, author of Remo Went Rogue and Getting Ugly

“In Knuckleball, Tom Pitts finds the beating heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, then reaches into its chest and rips that heart out. An ambitious and tightly-packed slice of modern crime fiction.”

Jordan Harper, author of Love and Other Wounds

Knuckleball is a bruiser of a story that reads as fast as the title implies, and sits heavy in your mind long after you’ve read the last page. Pitts obviously knows the darkness of his city’s gangland and portrayed here against the light of America’s favorite pastime, while showing both sides their proper respect, is nothing short of remarkable. It’s classic good and evil, hope and despair, but with Pitts, nothing is ever that cut and dry, and rarely does anyone get away clean. Conversational prose, brilliant ensemble casts, ratcheting tension, and the hint of something unexpected right over the next page is the reason to read Tom Pitts in the first place, but with Knuckleball, I’d say he knocked it out of the park. Top notch.”

Brian Panowich, author of Bull Mountain

“No one does fractured domestic noir like Ryan Sayles. And Goldfinches finds him mining that dysfunction harder and fiercer than ever. shattering domestic bliss with pulse-pounding, pedal-to-the-metal action. Think Liam Neeson and his special set of skills–only jacked up on meth with stronger moonshine and more vicious complications.”

Joe Clifford, author Lamentation and Junkie Love

“A man watches helplessly as his car is hijacked and driven off with his wife and daughter imprisoned inside. And, then; the nightmare accelerates into warp-speed unspeakable horror. Ryan Sayles has delivered yet another masterpiece in his newest novel, Goldfinches. This guy just keeps getting better and better! Take my advice and read this book with all the lights on…”

Les Edgerton, author of The Rapist, The Bitch, The Genuine Imitation Plastic Kidnapping, Bomb! and others.

“Bracken MacLeod writes with the verve of someone who understands the genre in which he works well enough to know exactly when to turn tropes on their heads and twist them around one another. Like Vachss, his work in infused with a raging anger at the injustices which surround us but although the world he creates is etched in darkness it is the glints of light within that world which make it so appealing even if the glint is coming from the razor-edge of a butcher s knife.”

—Simon Logan, author of KATJA FROM THE PUNK BAND and GET KATJA

“Bracken MacLeod s White Knight is a tense, high suspense action ride that carries the reader along like a hit and run Mack truck. It is dark and delicious and well worth the read. Very highly recommended!”

—James A. Moore, author of THE WILD HUNT and ALIEN: SEA OF SHADOWS

“In WHITE KNIGHT, Bracken MacLeod displays the goods: skillful writing, breakneck pacing, and just the right amount of emotional heft. He also manages to plumb some surprisingly deep ethical issues without ever letting the pace lag. The characters are sharply drawn and often surprising; the lessons are murky and sometimes riddled with contradiction (just the way I like them). I loved his debut, MOUNTAIN HOME, but this one may even be better. Pick it up now.”

—John Mantooth, author of THE STORM OF THE YEAR

“MacLeod has written a near perfect novella. WHITE KNIGHT asks the question: how far would you go to protect those you love? The answers are dark and uncomfortable, the story searing and intense. The work is brief, yet weighted with moral concerns that will stay with you long after the final page.”

—Chet Williamson, author of HUNTERS and DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH

“Bracken MacLeod has penned a brisk noir thriller that leaves you panting, with the icy fingers of street-raised psychopaths tickling the back of your neck. Dennis Lehane s sensibility with the pedal mashed to the floor and the key broken off in the ignition, WHITE KNIGHT is a heart-thumping ride with an inevitable outcome you can t see coming.”

—Thomas Pluck, author of BLADE OF DISHONOR

“Bracken MacLeod has outdone himself with WHITE KNIGHT, a bristling beast of a thriller that does what I would have thought impossible: it tops even his own brilliant debut, Mountain Home. I wouldn t advise missing this or any of MacLeod s stellar work.”

—Ed Kurtz, author of THE FORTY-TWO and A WIND OF KNIVES

WHITE KNIGHT is a harrowing portrait of a man drowning in the riptide created by an imperfect legal system and his own best intentions. Bracken MacLeod packs a lot of story into this thoughtful, propulsive read.”

—Rob Hart, author of NEW YORKED and CITY OF ROSE

“Bracken MacLoud s WHITE KNIGHT packs a novel s worth of action and emotion into a tightly spun novella; and it proves two of life s most enduring truths in the process: no good deed goes unpunished, and there is no stronger pull for the righteous than to rewrite the wrongs of the past. A powerhouse of a book.”

—Joe Clifford, author of JUNKIE LOVE and LAMENTATION

“I urge you to pick up WHITE KNIGHT by Bracken MacLeod at your soonest opportunity. If you enjoy noir that deposits you in the midst of a fevered nightmare and holds you fast with sweating palms and palpitating heart as street justice is sweetly measured out, this is the fiction you must read. This is a hugely masterful accomplishment and that is an understatement.”


“In his debut novella, Christopher Irvin deftly captures the frustration and futility of the Mexican Drug War. Part character study, part thriller, FEDERALES reads as a brutally human parable that tells a story that is sadly all too real.”

Johnny Shaw, Anthony Award winning author of Big Maria and Dove Season

FEDERALES is a sweaty, feverish sojourn into a fetid limb of the Mexican drug war, where sentiment, principles and fellow feeling have no place. Christopher Irvin’s read will carry you swiftly through to the fitting end.”

Sam Hawken, author of The Dead Women of Juárez

“Christopher Irvin s FEDERALES is an absolute gut-punch of a novella. The story of one man s search for redemption and justice within a Mexican system that has long-forgotten the meaning of either will haunt you long after the last page is turned.”

—Todd Robinson, author of The Hard Bounce