Payback is Forever

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March 25, 2022
March 25, 2022

About Payback is Forever

Miller thought it was the perfect heist: Five minutes to hit the cash room of an amusement park, then another two minutes to the getaway car, then gone. As a professional thief, he’d done jobs like that dozens of times. But Miller’s partners had other ideas. When things go bad and bloody, Miller is forced to flee back to familiar territory: New York City’s West Village, where even the target of a nationwide manhunt can hide out amidst the freaks.

But Miller’s refuge might prove even more dangerous. Approached by an old friend about a shady protection job, Miller finds himself thrown into a bizarre world of pint-sized gangsters, aging war criminals, and shady government agents… all of whom are pursuing a prize beyond imagination.

Praise for Payback is Forever

“With PAYBACK IS FOREVER, Nick Kolakowski has crafted a quick, clever story that feels both classic and fresh. This one hits the ground running and never lets up. Highly recommend.”
Steve Weddle, author Country Hardball

“Like a demented fun-house mirror version of a Richard Stark novel, Kolakowski deconstructs hoary crime cliches with the sort of panache you don’t want to miss. Our tour guide, Miller, is cut from the tough-guy mold, but twisted so askew by the end of the book, he’s carved out his own niche.”
—Brian Asman, author of Man, Fuck This House