Shotgun Honey

Building a Book Playlist by Rob Hart

One of the first things I do when I write a book is make a playlist. I’ve got three rules: It can’t have too many songs—I like to keep it to roughly an hour’s worth of music. Only one song per musician or artist. And none of the songs can have been used in a […]

From The Atari Times to The Throes of Crime by Erik Arneson

One of my earliest memories of school is writing a short story about King Kong and how proud Mom was when I brought it home. (I wish I remembered more about the actual story — I’m certain it would have made a worthy sequel to the original film.) A few years later, I wrote a […]

The 5 Minute Interview: With Grant Jerkins

He’s an overweight, mostly bald, late-middle-age white guy in skinny jeans. Phil Collins meets Phil Collins. Like that. But like a really old Phil Collins. A sad spectacle. We meet at the Viper Room off the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Almost two hours late, Jerkins offers no word of apology, no acknowledgement that he […]

Yes, Exactly Like That by Mike McCrary

What’s your book about? Silence. Pause. You start. You stop. You start again. You fumble around your marble mouth. Your tongue all of a sudden weighs twenty pounds. You then say some canned crap that sounds a lot like canned crap. This is the drill when I’m sometimes asked about my books. Keep in mind […]

The Fine Art of Killing Your Darlings by Nick Kolakowski

“All writing is a campaign against cliché. Not just clichés of the pen but clichés of the mind and clichés of the heart.” – Martin Amis, “The War Against Cliché” Some things take a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. Games like chess, for instance, or knocking off a bank and getting […]

Stand aside, Kayfabe. Here Comes Wrestletown.

I’m baaaaack. Thanks to head honcho and good friend Ron Phillips for having me. It’s been too long. I’m even getting the itch to submit soon, if you can believe it… But onto the topic at hand – looking back over the years of chatting with Ron on g-chat, hanging out at cons, etc. – […]