Episode 3 – Possibilities


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About damn time. So, do we finally get moving? Well, yes and no. I can still see folks being nonplussed with the momentum of Preacher so far, but ‘Possibilities’ presents, well, possibilities. A lot of them.

We open with Tulip making a visit to Houston. She’s handing over that Grail Industries map to a lady named Danny. When Tulip asks about the company, she’s told to mind her damn business and gets what she came to trade for; the last known address of someone who screwed her over many, many moons ago. Seems that mess was the day things went sour between Tulip and Jesse.

AMC_PREACHER_S1_102_SP-800x450This Danny, though. Interestingly, she’s driving a truck that provides Mitzvot On The Spot…interesting. She drives to a back alley where there seems to be a really creepy movie playing based on all the screams. She delivers the map to a silent fella in white suit (oh man) and he leaves—wide-brimmed fedora perched on his bald head.

Let it not be said these boys aren’t providing Preacher fans with a crazy amount of crumbs on the trail.

Back to the Sundowner motel. Seems the two guys Cassidy brutally murdered last week are explaining their government agent status to Sheriff Root. Root regales them with a story about child murder that’s dark as all fucking get out. Fun stuff.

Root leaves the miraculously living duo to reassess their plans. This time: ALL THE GUNS.

Man, no Jesse or Cass yet.

We get to jump over to the Loach household where Jesse’s right-hand lady visits and gets the rundown on Jesse’s experiment from last week. Seems the Loach girl opened her eyes, but that’s about that. She’s still comatose. Still, he’s seemingly reignited Mother Loach’s faith.

Aaaaand another jump over to our broken-armed butthole Donnie. He has a talk with his son about the whole arm break thing. Takes his kid to the bus stop and, oh hey, Pedo-Pete. Pete (I don’t remember his name) has forgotten the object of his lust, which another kid calls him out on right before the others make rabbit squeals at Donnie.

Seems Jesse and Genesis are making enemies.

Nearly fifteen minutes in and we finally get to Cassidy. Poor bastard’s got a coffin waiting outside in the sun and Jesse’s assistant sure as hell would like him to do something like work for his room and board. Cass goes to get the van keys and manages to find himself a nice outdoors hat. On his way out—while showing off his singing chops to a Dubliners tune—Cass finds Jesse skulked in the dark smoking a cigarette. Jesse has something to show him.

Before that, seems Tulip’s broken a few speeding laws on her way back to town. She talks her way out of a ticket by using some fake credentials and a false military history. Of course, she had a backup with that pistol she had under her leg the entire stop.

the-6-most-kickass-moments-from-preacher-episode-the-possibilities-1015479Alright, seems the boys have been playing with Jesse’s abilities. Poor Cass is hopping and admitting to his love of Justin Bieber. A few interesting things we learn here: 1) Jesse can’t make you do something you literally can’t do and 2) Seems this power comes off a little addictive—real slippery slope stuff. Cass seems completely enamored with it, though.

Over to Odin Quincannon; who seems to relax by listening to cows being slaughtered—as you do.

Back to Jesse and Cass. Cass posits Jesse may be a Jedi—which would rock. He’s excited about this strange turn of events. Maybe he’s finally found someone a little like him or maybe the idea of a buddy who can make people do whatever the fuck he wants sounds fun as hell. Jesse’s not as enthused, but Cass drives it forward. He wants to know how it feels and Jesse provides a poetic and disturbing account of what it is to have this being inside of him. Dark stuff, but understandably potent enough to be addictive. Cass can relate. The man knows what it is to suddenly be something MORE. He assures Jesse that he doesn’t have to feel cursed.

Fiore and Deblanc (our seemingly immortal men on a mission) are watching a memorial service for Tom Cruise and their all geared up.

Quincannon, in the meantime, ignores his right-hand man without a right hand, Donnie, and emasculates him. That’s not enough to make him happy, I suppose, so back to listening to the death rattle of cattle—it rhymes, see?

Aside: they’re setting up that Quincannon reveal, aren’t they? Christ.

Anyway, I think Donnie’s fit to burst about now.

Cassidy finally gets off his ass and gets rid of that body.

Meanwhile, Jesse’s driving and thinking. Tulip catches up for some more soul-searching conversation and lets him know that she has the last known address of a man named Carlos. Another flashback shows us a longer haired Jesse Custer at the better end of a gun. When Carlos ditched them, seems he had to kill a security guard. With Tulip’s new knowledge and an itch for revenge, he finally agrees to go on this job with her.


Back to Fiore and Deblanc. They’re armed to the teeth and ready to tear shit up. Unfortunately, Cass runs them over and they die…again. He figures these must be clones—I love that it’s just a given to Cass—and bemoans needing to get rid of another pair of bodies. He goes to get bags and cutting utensils, but is surprised by the now thrice-lived pair. This time, they’d rather talk—smart choice. The boys explain they need to get whatever it is inside Jesse out and back into its prison.

Jesse and Tulip make a pit stop and it seems Jesse’s ready to tell Tulip about Genesis, but he stops. Instead, he goes to take a leak and, boom: Donnie seems to be round with a gun and a chip on his shoulder. Again, we’re presented with Jesse using his power to nearly make Donnie eat a bullet. This ability doesn’t seem easy to curtail but just as he’s about to cross that line, Jesse realizes what he needs to do (does a lot of that, doesn’t he) and lets Donnie leave with his tail between his legs again.

I have a feeling that will be a mistake next episode.

Jesse comes back out and changes his mind; Carlos‘ fate can be left to God.

Damn, Jesse, you are really going to regret all these choices.

Cass manages to talk Fiore and Deblanc down while admitting they work for heaven. They’re also completely unfazed that Cass is a vampire. All they want is to lock Genesis back up and be on their way, so Cass offers to be a middleman. He’ll talk to Jesse and help them out.

We then get a small moment with Eugene Root. He wants to visit the Loach family and his father tells him to not dare do that unless he wants to get himself killed. Wonder if his condition has anything to do with that poor girl.

We finally end the episode with Jesse presiding over the funeral of that poor parishioner who tore his own heart out in the pilot. We see John Custer’s grave—but not Jesse’s mother’s—and as we pan out, a pipe opens ominously as Jesse speaks of the dead rising.

Wonder if that has anything to do with what happened back in 1881.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Jesse’s going to fail the fuck out of this town. It’s going to be bad, bad, bad.
  • Tulip is my new crush and I am not ashamed of it at all.
  • That man in the white suit…could it be? Am I using my inverted commas correctly? DOUBLE CHECK FOR ME.
  • Eugene’s story, again, a very interesting parallel to Jesse’s. Arseface may be the surprise breakout by the end of this season.

What did I love?

  • Houston’s 4th annual Snuff Film Festival—pure Ennis right there.
  • Quincannon is terrifying.
  • I sort of dig the idea of a group of people affected by Jesse and Genesis banding together against him.
  • Tulip and Cass have yet to bring me down.

My biggest gripes?

  • Let’s get on with it. I have a feeling whatever the BIG MOMENT that’s coming will be in episode 5. Has to be a reason to only provide four episodes to reviewers in advance.
  • Sort of letdown we didn’t get part 2 of The Story of You-Know-Who.
  • The new characters are growing on me, but they’re still a little meh.

Until next week!

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