Girls Around a Campfire


Motherfucker ain’t talkin’


I don’t get this loyalty shit? Seriously, that greasy motherfucker would sell that little asshole out for five hundred bucks and a blow job!


It’s that whole code of silence thing the Italians have going on. None of the old school guys live by it anymore, but most of these young guys buy into it.


The kid’s got balls, I’ll give him that.


Not anymore. Little Stevie jammed ice picks into ‘em a couple of hours ago.


Little Stevie? Who told you to bring that sick motherfucker in?


Ronnie sent him down….


Ronnie? Man, fuck Ronnie! That queer bitch don’t have nothing to do with this. Last I heard he was up shit creek with the Mexicans and was on the run.


That’s what I heard, too. Heard he was shacked up somewhere in Tucson and the beaners tracked him down, sent in a hit squad and Ronnie took ‘em all out.


Bullshit, man! That shit’s a laugh. Ronnie don’t even carry! The guy’s a fucking lawyer fer Christsake!


Just ‘cause he’s a lawyer doesn’t mean he don’t know how to take care of himself.


That’s exactly what it means. All he does is beg Clyde to get him out of his jams or he brings guys in like Little Stevie to get dirty. Fucking Ronnie wouldn’t ruin his manicure doing that kind of thing.


You heard about little Stevie, right?


What’d’ya say about Little Stevie?


Shut the fuck up, man, he’s right in the next room.


Like he’s paying attention! The guy’s probably got the kid hooked up to the battery and getting his nut off listening to him beg.


Whatever. But you heard about him, though, right?




You fuckin’ asshole, just lean in here.


What are we, little girls? Jesus, man…


Just shut up and listen…. Shaw told me Little Stevie’s got AIDS.




Yeah, seriously, man. You know how he used to go and do those jobs for Clyde where he’d do a break in in the middle of the night and terrorize the fuck out of the family until they’d give Clyde what he wanted?


Yeah, I remember….That was some fucked up business. I always thought Clyde was losing it when he was ordering that shit.


I know, I know, I wasn’t into either. But Clyde’s Clyde, ya know?  He gets a little weird sometimes…


Whatever, man, what about this AIDS shit, I’m tired of smelling your breath, so get talking.


Like yours smells any better ….Your ass needs to quit smoking.


Shut the fuck up! Get with the story….


Yeah, okay. So I guess one of these women Little Stevie fucked during one of these break ins, she was out at a club in Scottsdale somewhere and she just drops dead while she’s dancing. No warning, just BOOM, ya know.




So everybody thinks it’s a heart attack, ya know? These skinny little Russian bitches, don’t ever eat and got their faces buried in a plate fulla coke most of the time, so it’s gotta be a heart attack. But her old man, he wants to know what happens, so he pays for a doctor to open her up and run tests on the body and shit. Well, the tests come back and they find out what killed her was the fucking AIDS shut down her body.


What? So your telling me this bitch didn’t know she had AIDS? How the fuck do you not know that shit?


Fuck if I know? Like I said, Russian girls. She probably felt like shit most of the time and just blew it off. But from what I heard, Clyde gets wind of it, asks little Stevie if he remembers fucking this girl and then tells him to go and get tested and the test came back saying Little Stevie’s dick was rotting off.


Well if he’s got AIDS then a lot more than his dick’s rotting off.


Yeah, no shit…


Well, I guess it’s true what they say, you reap what you sow…


Still fucking sucks. You don’t like seeing guys go out like that.


I don’t know about that shit …. I mean, fuck, Little Stevie’s a serious asshole. That guy’s done shit that I don’t even want to think about, let alone talk about. So as far as I’m concerned, the fucking deserves it… By the way, he’s wearing cover alls, right? I don’t want to go mucking around in no dirty blood.


Of course, you know that little don’t like fucking up his suits. He’s wearing gloves and booties, too.


Good …. Good … Now what the fuck are we going to do about this kid?


I don’t know, man…Maybe take him to the kennels?


Hell, I’m outta smokes…go have one of the guys go pick me a pack while I’m figuring this shit out


~ fin ~

Keith Rawson lives in Southern Arizona with his wife and daughters. He’s a regular columnist for and Gamut Magazine. You can see hundreds of nude photographs of him at his website: