Goes Around


“C’mon, c’mon,” whispered Jackie, jabbing at the elevator button. She watched the hall, her ears listening for the swish of the elevator doors. An office door opened and a heavy set man stepped into the hall, caught sight of Jackie and strode towards her. Jackie stood her ground, praying the elevator would get there fast enough, and wondering if her plan would work. The doors swished open and she hurried inside. She held the door for a fast ten count then hit the button for the lobby.

As the doors slid together a hand slipped between them, holding the car in place. The man stepped into the car using his body to block her escape. As the doors closed he pushed in closer until Jackie was wedged into the corner, his arm pressing against her neck. There was blood on his face where her fingernails had raked a warning across his cheek back in the office

“Did you think you could get away that easily?” asked the man. “I take what I want when I want. And right now, I want you down on your knees.”

“Do you now, Mr. Burke? And what makes you think I’d get down on my knees for you? And in an elevator of all places?”

Burke stepped away from Jackie and hit the stop button. The elevator did a little hop and came to a halt. The phone rang and Burke picked it up. After listening for a moment he said, “This is Burke, I’m having a private conference in here and I’ll restart the car when I’m ready.”

Hanging up the phone he said to Jackie, “One of the perks of owning the building.” But one look at Jackie and the self-satisfied smile on his face disappeared.

“And one of the perks of owning a gun is that pricks like you have to listen to me,” said Jackie. “Now take off your shirt and tie and toss them over there in the corner.”

Pulling a pair of handcuffs from her pocket she locked one side of the bracelets to his hand and the other to the back railing of the car. “Now unbutton your pants and drop them and your underwear all the way to the floor, then kick them over with your shirt.”

“You can’t get away with this, you know,” said Burke.

“Get away with what? Embarrassing you?” asked Jackie as she stuffed his clothes into her shopping bag. “You probably don’t remember, but a year ago you raped my sister, just like you tried to rape me back there in your office. The thing is nobody would believe her. And do you know why, Mr. Burke? Because you’re a very important man and everyone took your word as gospel when you said she seduced you. My sister killed herself because she couldn’t live with the shame of what you did to her and now you’re going to pay.”

Burke laughed. “And what, you’re going to kill me now? You’ll never get away with it you stupid little twat.”

“Killing you never crossed my mind. You see, I don’t plan on spending the rest of my life in jail for ridding the world of a piece of shit like you. I’ve got something much worse in store for you. I’m going to let the whole world see the real Mr. Burke.”

Jackie pressed the button for the lobby and the elevator descended. “You’ve got a lot of hope,” said Burke. “Nobody will believe you, you know. Not with me handcuffed like this.”

The elevator bounced to a stop and Jackie’s knee collided with Burke’s balls. “Don’t you remember, Mr. Burke? It’s not about what really happened, but what it looks like. And right now, it looks like you got caught in a very compromising situation.”

The doors opened and Jackie ran out shouting, “There’s a naked pervert in the elevator.”

The security guards rushed the elevator while Jackie pushed through the crowd of eager cell phone users and out the front door.

“See you on You Tube, Burke.”



~ fin ~

Sandra Seamans is a short story writer whose work can be found scattered around the web in places like Beat to a Pulp, A Twist of Noir, and The Thrilling Detective. She blogs about short stories and writing at http://sandraseamans.blogspot.com.