City of Baltimore Motor Vehicle Accident Report

Report #: 581053
Date: 06/28/1997
Time: 12:57 reported. 14:23 arrived on scene
Report Type: Hit and Run
Photos: Yes
Investigating Office/ID: McNally, James 8538
Street Name: 2800 block Orleans Street, Orleans and Kenwood
Traffic Signal: No
In Intersection:
Type of Unit: Driver
Name: Registered to Jones’s Used Cars. Driver fled scene before first officer arrived.
Address: 1870 North Gay Street. Baltimore MD. 21213
Type of Vehicle: Lexus LS400. Gold
Model and Year: LS400. 1995
Registr and State: RGA241. MD
Type of Unit: Pedestrien
Name: Unknown. #2 Female
Address: Unknown
Type of Vehicle:
Model and Year: N/A
Registr and State: N/A
Describe Incident: Veh1 left facing ENE, crossed oncoming traffic. Front left corner panel crushed, crushed right rear quarter panel. Reminder of Veh1 clean. Veh2 fled immediatly. Plenty of onlookers, no witnesses. “Mr. Harry” and “Mr. Jones” overheard in crowd. Officers canvassing three-block radius. Vic1 pinned against buildding face of 2802 Orleans by front bumper of Veh1. Blood spray centered approx 5 ft from ground, approx. 4 ft high, arcing right. By depth of impact zone and spray, assume 40-45 mph. Didn’t realize people were really 70% water.

Interior search conducted. Blood smear on steering wheel, spots on windshield. Two teeth on dashboard. Beretta on passenger seat, looks .40. Glove box searched, discovered S&W 9mm. Both weapons empty, no scent of cordite. No live ammunnition in Veh1. Labs pending. One American Airlines ticket for O’Donal, Matthew in glove box. Dep. 06/28/1997 13:20 BWI-MVD (Montevideo, Urugay.) 8” blond hairs in rear seat, bagged for lab. Dark smears on rear upholstry, approx 1.5” long. “Learn Spanish in Three Weeks” paperback found under driver seat. Small tear in passenger seat. 2” piece of black cloth, torn edges, looks to be from a woman’s dress/blouse.

Trunk search conducted, discovered Baltimore Orioles athletic bag containing approx $150,000 in $50’s and $20’s, uniform bound. White residue, tastes like baking soda. Labs pending. Small maroon London Fog suitcase, brown leather accents. Rainbow ribbon tied on handle. Half-unzipped, men’s khaki linen pants and black shirt in plain view. Seven calling cards scattered around. Pieces of ceramic crab along edges of trunk. Crushed boquet of lilies in sidewall. No ID for driver of Veh1.


Baltimore-Washington International Airport Abandoned Luggage Report

Report #: 425-AD-3743
Date: 06/28/1997
Employee/ID: Silver, Bertina DE-3104
Location Recovered: Concourse C- AA13
Time Recovered: 13:49
Name: No Tag
Address: N/A
City/State: N/A
Phone: N/A
Flight #: 247
Flight Destination: MVD- Montevideo, Uruguay
Transfer Points (if applicable): MIA- Miami
Departure Time: 13:20
Baggage Type: 02
Color: Maroon
Make: London Fog
Baggage Description: Large suitcase, brown leather accents. Broken right wheel. Rainbow ribbon tied around handle. Heel from black stiletto sticking from shoe compartment.

Additional Notes: Bag checked by Skycap Thomas, Dick (AA-2849) for Corbier, Mary at 12:05. Skycap stated Ms. Corbier gave two different names, seemed distraught. Engaged Skycap in conversation but sounded forced. Ms. Corbier also tried to hide small rip on bottom of black dress. Skycap alerted supervisor of suspicious behavior. Supervisor called detonation squad, arrived 12:27. Skycap saw Ms. Corbier hailing Checker Cab at approx. 12:55. Dest. unknown. State Police alerted.

~ fin ~

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Nik Korpon is the author of THE REBELLION’S LAST TRAITOR (Angry Robot, 2017), QUEEN OF THE STRUGGLE (2018), and THE SOUL STANDARD, among others. He lives in Baltimore.