The Day Traders – Part Two




I can see a lot from my window

The drunks driving home

And the repo trucks not far behind

The cats crossing the street

Looking for love

But I can’t shake the sight

Of a cop leaving the scene

Of a crime

With a smile on his face

And a bag in his hand





I’m pretty sure the neighbor lady died

Her car is parked in the driveway

And I haven’t seen her for days

The mail is piling up

Her son stopped coming by months ago

I think he’s in jail

And the townhouse is starting to smell

So I go next door, work the lock

And yeah, she’s dead

Really dead

So is her cat

Which makes me sad

I look at her pictures on the mantle

And call the numbers on her credit cards

You know? To check the balances

Then I hop on the internet

To order some flowers

And a new dress

So we can dance one last time

Before the detectives arrive





I’ve got HIV

But it’s not a big deal anymore

Like having pink eye

Or strep throat

But I didn’t tell my Dad that

And now he’s worried

Chewing his nails and pacing

I hope he’s learned his lesson

And leaves me and my brother alone


~ fin ~

Peter Farris is a graduate of Yale University. His debut novel will be published by Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books next winter. “Disney Noir” was his first attempt at flash fiction. He keeps a presence on the web at The Sentence Salvo.