The Blonde brought their beers and took their wing orders. Bob wished they had the brunette with the glasses. He eyed the babe with the red hair and mouth watering tits, but that Mexican gal had something you couldn’t put your hands on, as much as you wanted to put them on her. She looked quiet, but he bet when you got her alone with her hair down she was a screamer.

His young co-worker, Danny, checked the place out, especially the girls. “You come here a lot?”

It was hard for Bob to pay attention with the buffet of sexies around. “When I can’t beat rush hour. Hard to beat the view.”

Danny nodded, transfixed.

“I ask for this table cuz’ it’s near the drink station.” Bob pointed to the girls gathered around it. “They all have to stop by.”

Danny didn’t fidget or fake a smile when he told him. In fact, he casually eyed the girls at their watering hole. He nodded to Bob with a smirk. He could share with the kid.

Bob smiled back. “You got a favorite?”

Danny nodded toward a curly haired, strawberry blonde.

It was the first-time Bob noticed her. “Not much in the boob department.”

Danny pulled his head into his shoulders. “Breasts aren’t everything.”

Bob looked curly hair over. Petite, tight ass. That college girl look was the boy’s thing.

Their waitress, Tiana, stopped by, telling them the wings would be up shortly.

Danny watched her bounce away. “She’s nice.”

Bob shook his head. “Try getting the time of day from her outside this place.”

Danny looked down, nodding in agreement.

“They all know what they got. They know we can’t help ourselves; still they shake it like it’s out there for us to grab. Of course, they smack you when you do.” Bob looked around at all of them. “They do like their control.”

Danny nodded some more.

“You thinking about flowers and romance?”

Danny grinned. “Just some bad memories.”

“That’s what they are.” Bob chuckled. “Tits and bad memories.”

Danny joined in on the laughter. Bob pointed at him. “I know you know it’s true.”

Danny shrugged. “What are you gonna’ do?”

“Go back in time.”

Danny cocked his head. Bob believed this could work.

“Just go back to the caveman times.” Bob told his disciple. “Back to when you could club one, drag her into your cave, do what you want, then kick her out. Didn’t even have to buy her dinner back then.”

Danny laughed.

“You’re considering it.”

Danny bounced his head along with the idea. “How about Viking times. Same thing with better food, beer, and boats. Sack villages.”

“Rape and pillage.” He gave Danny a high five.

Danny was looking at the girls different now, like Bob did.  “How’s that time machine coming?”

“I need some help with it.”

Danny’s attention went back to him.

“You hear about what happened to one of these girls at the Austin place.”

Danny nodded. “That was rough.”

“You don’t think she had it coming like the rest of them?”

“I’m just saying it’s a little extreme.”

Bob lunged over his wings. “The pain they cause is extreme.”

Danny leaned back. He looked at the ladies. He nodded again.

Bob eyed the brunette. “Still haven’t caught the guy.”

Danny sat frozen.

“It probably came close though.” Bob tightened with the memory. “Somebody said they heard a scream. Probably the type he was looking for, a screamer. Wanted to see her loose that control. Got lucky and got her in the car quick enough.”

“Thing is you can’t rely on luck.” Bob put his full attention on Danny. “Guy does something like that, teach these little girls a lesson, he needs a partner. A friend.”

Danny trembled enough to make Bob nervous. The kid looked over at the drink station, became steady.

Tiana dropped off their wings and went to get two more Buds.

Bob chewed a wing. “So you want to be a Viking?”

Danny tore a hunk of chicken meat, looking over at the drink station. “Which one you think is a screamer?”

~ fin ~

After getting his start at The Mystery Bookstore in L.A., Scott Montgomery has operated in various forms in the grime fiction biz. His reviews, interviews, and over views have appeared in Crime Reads, crimespree, Mulholland, or his own site, The Hard Word. His fiction has appeared in the anthologies Eyes Of Texas, Lone Star Lawless, and Murder On Wheels, as well as the sites Slag Drop and Shotgun Honey.