The Intolerance by J.B. Stevens

The pre-war rust-bucket taxi dropped Liam during dusk’s golden hour—the whole world a stage. Liam Gallagher dripped out. The sun backlit his lithe frame. He arched and reached to heaven. He knew he looked delicious. Thick shutters peaked open—the caller observed the show. Liam looked around Nixon’s suburban fever dream. The house was brick. Ivy […]

Prey by Jim Wilsky

Allen Fuller saw the girl up ahead, just as he was shifting up but by the time he passed her he was already slowing the truck down.He eased the big rig to the shoulder of the entrance ramp to I-35 and came to a complete stop.  He watched her in the mirror. Even from fifty […]

Debut of Writer Types with Eric Beetner and S.W. Lauden: Episode 1

Something pretty cool happened. What? The debut of a new podcast produced by Shotgun Honey alums Eric Beetner and S.W. Lauden. It features interviews, reviews, banter, and a reading from the Shotgun Honey archives. This episode Eric and Steve talk to Megan Abbott, Lou Berney, Steph Post. The dynamic duo (not Eric and Steve, or […]

A Conversation with Angel Luis Colón (Do Some Damage)

By Alex Segura Angel Luis Colón is a writer’s writer – he’s the guy other writers look forward to hearing read at Noir at the Bar and an all-around good guy. He’s also fun to banter with on Twitter. I’m psyched he agreed to let me grill him for a bit here. Angel’s novella, The […]

One Eye Press Updates, Changes

Last month saw the release of the third installment of BOTH BARRELS anthology series from Shotgun Honey Presents. LOCKED and LOADED features 25 stories of crime, hard cases, and troubled souls. A little something for everyone from writers both budding and established. “A Boy Like Billy” by Patricia Abbott “Border Crossing” by Michael McGlade “Looking […]

Singles and Blight markets open

One Eye Press is looking for a few good novellas to fill out our 2015 schedule for our stand alone Singles series. Our 2014 catalog produced FEDERALES by Christopher Irvin, WHITE KNIGHT by Bracken MacLeod, and GOSPEL OF THE BULLET by Chris Leek. We are very proud of these first books and are eager to […]

Interview: Kieran Shea

From the first story I read on Plot with Guns to the many that Kieran has graced Shotgun Honey with since its inception, Kieran Shea has been, and continues to be, a diverse writer with a sense of drama and action, and a knack for dialogue that many envy. A veteran short story writer, we […]

Pre-Order White Knight and Win

Have you ordered your copy of White Knight by Bracken MacLeod? Why not? Our second Singles release has garnered some nice advanced praise: “Bracken MacLeod writes with the verve of someone who understands the genre in which he works well enough to know exactly when to turn tropes on their heads and twist them around […]

Meet the Editor: Bracken MacLeod

Bracken MacLeod is one of the submission editors behind BLIGHT Digest, our new quarterly dark fiction and horror magazine. He is a past contributor to Shotgun Honey, The Big Adios and Reloaded, so who better to know what it’s like to submit to One Eye Press and face the gauntlet? Read his stories (hint: the […]

Meet the Editor: Jan Kozlowski

Jan Kozlowski is one of the submission editors behind BLIGHT Digest, our new quarterly dark fiction and horror magazine. We’ve asked her five questions for you to get to know her a bit more. If your interested in passing the gauntlet to publication in BLIGHT Digest, you might find the keys to passage within her […]

BLIGHT Digest Now Open for Submissions

BLIGHT Digest debuts on October 13, 2014 with ten tales of terror, and one of them might be yours. One Eye Press is pleased to announce the launch of the first submission cycle for BLIGHT Digest, a quarterly dark fiction and horror magazine, and the launch of the BLIGHT Digest subsite at For the […]