All right. Still tweaking the general look and all, but Shotgun Honey is ready to take on submissions.

Like the guidelines to the right say, I’m looking for noir, crime, hardboiled, or whatever you care to call it fiction, in 700 words or less.*

In regards to cussing, sex, and violence, a little clarification might be in order:

Life can be dirty, sexy, and bloody. Bring it on!


If every other word is fuck just because you like typing the word fuck over and over, that’s not gonna fly.

Same thing with sex. Does it serve the story, define the characters, or are you engaging in fantasy on the page? If you’re writing sex, write smart.

If the gore is dripping just because you like to keep things squishy, again, you’ll be looking at both barrels of rejection.

Make it tight.

Make it hum.

I’ll keep the turnaround time as short as possible.

Let’s get to work.

* In the rare instance that a story just can’t keep it within the 700 word limit but is just so top shelf that I’d be a fool not to accept it, I’ll try to avoid being foolish.