Moses Kincaid Rides Again

We’re back at it again. The newsletter, that is. It’s our 11th year of publishing flash fiction, and closing in on 10 years of publishing books. In fact, this last week we published our 55th authorial release with MONEY THE HARD WAY by David Trombley. It is the second book in the Moses Kincaid series and a direct follow up to the events of SANGRE ROAD. If you haven’t read SANGRE ROAD and you’re itching to dig into the world of Moses Kincaid you can jump on that now (until the end of April) and buy both books on Amazon Kindle for under five dollars. Surely you can give up Starbucks for one day.

Back in a Flash

After a longer than expected hiatus, we are back to publishing our flash fiction offerings as of April 4, 2022. Some great stories you might have missed from Natalia Antonova, Tom Pitts, C.W. Blackwell, and a special Easter edition by John Weagly. Don’t miss today’s story “Maternal Instinct” by Leigh Ramsay.

Weekly Recommendations

Not that Apple TV+ needs any promotion, but I recommend the new series Slow Horses based on the novel of the same name by Mick Herron. It is available in the US from SOHO Press. The book series had been recommended to me (and others susceptible and tolerant of puns) by author David White (Jackson Donne series from Polis Books) for at least a couple years. Slow Horses is the first of the Slough House series and features one of the most unlikable characters known to literature, Jackson Lamb. Gary Oldman does an exceptional job of playing the lead character and his band of dysfunctional MI-5 agents.

Until Next Time…

We want to keep it light, so there’s not much more to add. Oh, wait… we do a monthly column called Comics’ll Break Your Heart that hits about the middle of the month on the middle of the week (Wednesday). Max Cage reviews classics and overlooked gems of a criminal nature. We might be bias, but it’s recommended.

Until next time, keep dodging those bullets.