This is how it begins…

Ten years ago this Monday, on April 5th, 2011, Shotgun Honey emerged onto the scene as a new flash fiction webzine. That very first story was by Dan O’Shea title “Two-Phones.” It was the beginning of a very long run of flash fiction presented at least once weekly by some of the most talented new comers and veterans, some future superstars too. How many stories have we published? 1,075 stories as of this newsletter. You should go and read them all.

Since then Shotgun Honey has expanded into publishing, which you are probably aware. Our Shotgun Honey Presents anthology debuted in the winter of 2012, followed by our first novella, Federales by Christopher Irvin release in 2014, and re-release with Down & Out Books, our parent publisher, in 2017. We are quickly approaching our fiftieth release. So it’s been a fun and busy decade.

So what’s the purpose of this newsletter? Starting today, the Shotgun Honey Newsletter will be your weekly reminder of all the things going on with Shotgun Honey: from the latest stories, interviews and book releases. As well as any news or announcements involving contests, submissions, and new products. I might even throw in some musings from time-to-time.

What’s New?

Starting April 23, we will have an aggressive book release schedule with four books releasing over 6 weeks, every other Friday.

Sangre Road by David Trombley – April 23, 2021
Houses Burning and Other Ruins by William R. Soldan – May 7, 2021
Misdeeds by A.S. Coomer – May 21, 2021
S-10 to Valhalla by Ken Teusch – June 4, 2021

If you are a reviewer, please let us know.

Flash this week

Karaoke by Jim Mountfield

“People say you sing well. Why not sing for us now, Ashikawa-san?”

Hiraizumi spoke loudly. The bar’s soundproofing didn’t block out the shrieks and gibbers of the typhoon that’d wheeled up from Guam, made landfall at Wakayama and was passing over Tokyo.

“Big Truck in the Garden” by Brian Beatty

Cale was sitting on the front porch of his crumbling farm house, plunking away on a banjo, when up pulled a pair of sheriff’s cars without their lights or sirens going.

What I’m Reading

Surprisingly, I do manage to read a book or two outside of Shotgun Honey submissions. I’ll try to share books I am current reading or like.

I’ve been working on WINTER COUNTS by David Heska Wanbli Weiden. It’s been a great read so far. Weiden is hitting all the right notes with characterization, plot, and introducing readers to the Lakota culture via outsider half-breed Virgil Wounded Horse. Its very accessible.

I’m also reading KILLADELPHIA Vol. 1 by Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander. Really love the art by Alexander. I’m just getting into the story, and since it’s an ongoing series, I’m sure it’ll end with a cliffhanger leading me to buy Vol. 2 if available. I just recently started reading comic books and graphic novels again thanks to the opening of The Boardroom which is a gaming/comic shop that sells craft beers and cold brew coffee.

I’m looking for a good comic that I can buy monthly, but really haven’t connected with anything new. BRZRKR #1 from Boom Studios and written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt, with art by Ron Garney. It was definitely action oriented, but the story didn’t become apparent until the final pages, and it wasn’t that unique. We’ll see what issue two provides.

Deal of the Week

We’re slowly building up our store, and each week we will have a deal of the week where a book will be sold at 25-50% off cover price.

The Hardway by Hector Acosta

Fifteen-year old Spencer loves professional wrestling. It’s the reason why he, along with his older brother Billy, started their very own wrestling promotion in their Dallas apartment complex. The fact it puts Spencer closer to Tori, Billy’s girlfriend and the only girl either boy knows who can take a chair shot to the head, doesn’t hurt.

It isn’t long before RBWL—The Royal Brooks Wrestling League—have a rival in Woodland Terrace, a nearby apartment complex with their own wrestling promotion run by Eddie Tornado, an unhinged teenager with a connection to Tori and a hard-on to see Spencer and Billy fail.

When Spencer breaks into Eddie’s home and steals a gym bag he believes holds Woodland Terrace’s championship belt, the feud between teenagers and promotions escalates. Before long, Spencer will find the world of professional wrestling can be more real and dangerous than anything seen on television.

In the words of Beau Johnson, “Makes you want to read more!” And you can for $6.95 through the next week.

Thank you for accepting our newsletter. I’m sure as the weeks go by I’ll refine and change the format. See you next week.

All the best.