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Due to the amount of submissions we get, please consider the importance of a proper query letter. What we read first will most likely be determined by the query letter part of this form. If you are not familiar with a query letter please consider this article by Jane Friedman: “How to Write a Query Letter.” It doesn’t have to be perfect, but remember you’re trying to sell your book.

Please consider the following before you submit:

  • We are a small press publisher with a focus on rural noir, grit lit, and the everyman protagonist. 
  • We are looking for diverse voices to tell stories of humanity through the lens of criminality.
  • We are not looking for romance, fetish, or pornography. There are pubs with more nuanced understanding of those markets.
  • We will not consider anything that promotes or condones abuse of women, children, or animals. These topics can be the catalyst, but not the intent.
  • This is a query, submit your pitch and 3 chapter or 30 page sample, and nothing more.
  • Good luck!

About our press:

  • We publish 8 to 12 releases a year.
  • We are currently a POD (print on demand) publisher.
  • We are open to agented and unagented queries.
  • We do not offer advances.
  • Our books are available to any bookseller that uses Ingram Book Service.

Our reading cycle:

In an effort to open ourselves to a broader authorship, queries will be open to agented and unagented authors. Our reading cycle is currently from December 1st – January 31st. Queries will not be accepted during an active reading cycle. If we do not request a full manuscript prior to the reading cycle, you may reach out to confirm the status and our interest of your query.

Queries will be closing June 30, 2024 for an indeterminate period. 

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