Shotgun Honey

Due to the amount of submissions we get, please consider the importance of a proper query letter. What we read first will most likely be determined by the query letter part of this form. If you are not familiar with a query letter please consider this article by Jane Friedman: “How to Write a Query Letter.” It doesn’t have to be perfect, but remember you’re trying to sell your book.

Please consider the following before you submit:

  • We are a Crime Fiction publisher. Our catalog recently has fallen into Rural Noir and Grit Lit sub-categories, which looks at the impact of crime on everyday people. We are open to other sub-categories, but your query needs to shine.
  • We will also consider short story collections or novel-in-stories, or even a combination. The package has to be cohesive.
  • Word Count. Remember short is the key, but not too short we can’t publish a paperback companion. 25k – 75k words max, and no less.
  • We are not looking for romance, fetish, or pornography.
  • We will not consider anything that promotes or condones abuse of women, children, or animals.
  • This is a query, submit your pitch and 3 chapter or 30 page sample, and nothing more.
  • All queries will be responded to within 90 days. If your manuscript is picked up elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Good luck!

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