Pele’s Prerogative (Part Eleven) by Albert Tucher

After four years on the job Jenny knew how to tune the radio out until it said something she needed to hear. This time Dispatch was patching Patsy through. “Got a possible on that BOLO.”.   Patsy was back in Hilo too, now that the brass had no need to camouflage Jenny’s exile to Kona. […]

Pele’s Prerogative (Part Ten) by Albert Tucher

“You got my guns?” Jenny felt stupid for the repetition, but it was unlike Nate to get results so efficiently. “Well, I don’t have them on me.” That was more like it. “This friend of mine thinks he’s gonna get paid.” “How?” “Says he’s got two nine-mills. He’s gonna keep one and sell the other […]

The Naked Mechanic by Albert Tucher

The room phone rang. Diana flinched at the sudden jangling, but the client ignored it. At least, he had started out as a client. Now she wasn’t sure what to call him. “What’s the weirdest thing a guy ever asked for?” “That’s a hard one,” she said. “After ten years of this, what’s weird?” They […]

The Consultant by Albert Tucher

“I want to play doctor,” said the client. “That’s fine,” said Diana. When a man called her to his workplace, he often had role play in mind. A corporate drone wanted a submissive secretary. A college professor craved a student who would do anything for a grade. And every April her own tax preparer had […]

The Startle Response by Albert Tucher

“I don’t try to offend people,” said Jack. “I just don’t notice when I do.” He turned on his side to face Diana. Another man might have reached out to stroke the curve of her naked hip, but he was done with her body until their next motel date. “You don’t seem to mind. As […]

Downashore by Albert Tucher

Call it “Portrait of a hooker on her wedding day.” Diana seldom spent much time at the bathroom mirror. Her strong cheekbones, the slightly Asian cast of her eyes, and her dark blonde hair were the tools of her trade. A quick professional check usually satisfied her. But today she felt a need to study […]

Release: The Honorary Jersey Girl by Albert Tucher

About the Book Criminal defense attorney Agnes Rodrigues got her client Hank Alves acquitted of a murder in the rainforest of the Big Island, but the victim was a cop’s wife, and a case like this doesn’t end with “not guilty.” When someone takes a shot at her client, and that someone looks like a […]

The Rule of Three by Albert Tucher

Agnes Rodrigues turned her back on the tenth hole. It deserved the snub, and she didn’t care if if her putt kept rolling all the way to Kona. “Nice shot,” said Coutinho. Where had he come from? “Rule of three,” said Agnes. “The triple bogey is one. You’re two. What’s three?” “Shad Heaukulani,” said the […]

Dodging Bullets – August 3, 2018 – The Hollow Vessel

This week Shotgun Honey is proud to release The Hollow Vessel by Albert Tucher. It is part of the Errol Coutinho/Big Island of Hawaii series which includes last years The Place of Refuge. Synopsis The Hawaii County Police are used to Rotten Roger sleeping rough, but now the veteran tramp has a new tent. The bloodstains […]

The Caffeine Cure by Albert Tucher

“My brain cells aren’t working,” Tillotson said. Diana stepped back and held her front door open. She let him handle the screen. “I know what they need,” she said. She led the way past the living room to the kitchen of her rented Cape Cod. By now she didn’t have to tell him to take […]

Dodging Bullets: We’ve Got You Covered Blacky!

Welcome to the relaunch of Dodging Bullets where I will talk shop about all things Shotgun Honey related, plus a few odd and ends that I find interesting. What do I find interesting this week? Shotgun Honey turns 6 years old this month and we still churns out some of the best crime flash fiction […]