Excerpt: The Place of Refuge – Chapter 1 -3

CHAPTER ONE “Now that,” Coutinho said, “is not what the Chamber of Commerce wants to see.” As soon as said the words, he wanted them back. It wasn’t his style to get flippant over a body. He had seen death before. Even in paradise people had fatal accidents. Bar fights could end as badly in […]

Shotgun Honey Joins Down & Out Books

Today Shotgun Honey is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Eric Campbell and Down & Out Books (downandoutbooks.com), an independent publisher of literary  and crime fiction. Shotgun Honey joins the Tampa, FL based company as a new imprint focused primarily on short length crime fiction: collected short stories, novellas and short length novels. Shotgun Honey has a […]

The First Rule by Albert Tucher

This was the part she didn’t like. Diana could usually convince herself that she had come to terms with her job. A hooker went where she had to go, and a certain number of bystanders would guess what she was doing. But this situation left no room for doubt. Diana walked across the shop floor, […]

Wrinkles by Albert Tucher

“That’s easy,” said Diana, “he was on top of me.”

“As alibis go, that’s as good as it gets,” said Tillotson.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“No wiggle room?”

“Not the way you mean.”

He gave her a look.

The Retching Bush by Albert Tucher

It would have made a great nightmare.

Standing in front of the dark gray-encrusted lava flow, Coutinho thought it looked like the head of a crocodile the size of an Airbus. But instead of just two baleful eyes, this beast had dozens of glowing orange windows into its pitiless soul.

A puddle of water hissed, as it turned to steam and vaulted into the air. Ferns and bushes sizzled as the monster fed on them. Heat and fumes spread like the vile breath of a carnivore.

In a dream Coutinho’s feet would have weighed a ton and kept him rooted in place for the lava to overwhelm him. He knew he was awake, because he could stroll back and forth while he watched the crime scene technicians at work. The flow had slowed overnight. It was moving only a few inches per hour, but that still left his team with a short deadline.

One of the Tyvek-suited figures looked up at him.

“I think we’ve got all we’re going to get. Should we pull?”

“Let’s do it,” Coutinho said, a little too fast. He was dreading the moment.

Cast Iron by Albert Tucher

“Got one for you,” said Mary Alice. “How many clients does it take to change a light bulb?” “Hooker jokes,” said Diana. “Okay, I’ll bite.” “Just one, but he has to tell you he’s never done this before.” Mary Alice seemed so proud of herself that Diana felt obligated to chuckle. “Why do they always […]