May You Find Salvation by Alexander Nachaj

The moment the final jeep entered the valley, they hit Cuervo’s convoy with everything they had. Heinrich opened fire first, his RPG taking out the lead vehicle. It went up in a messy cloud of dirt and smoke. Dolph did the same for the tail car, while Maria and Jean-Francois riddled the middle van with […]

Unbreakable by Alexander Nachaj

Max Lasalle sat on the dirty basement floor, cheeks swollen and blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. His bulbous arms were tied behind his back, keeping him rooted to the foundation beam. “Where’s the woman?” Sal Notti kneeled before him, talking in that calm, accented voice of his. “Up my ass.” A quick […]

Too Good to Be True by Alexander Nachaj

Michael slapped the scuffed, silver-grey briefcase against their dining room table. He ran a hand through his dark, stringy hair and shot Javier a look of cold and utter certainty. “We did it bud. We’re fucking rich.” Javier stepped forward, set in the combo Sammy gave them and popped the locks. The lid flew back […]