Puff, Puff, Pass by Angel Luis Colón

Rock bottom. Addicts talked about that, but shoplifters? My rock bottom—or so I thought—was walking out of an adult video store with a stolen rubber fist firmly up my ass. I rarely kept what I stole. Usually threw the items away or gifted them. Wasn’t like I shoved everything up my ass on the regular. […]

Shotgun Honey Presents Favorite Reads of 2019 (Part One)

2019 is almost gone, and it’s that time of the year we reflect back on the books we’ve read. I know the books I’ve read and those that still tower in my TBR pile all cattywampus next on and around my nightstand is sizable. I’m always willing to make that pile larger, so I’ve asked […]

Trimmigrant Song by Angel Luis Colón

Eric’s fingers were sticky; stained a sickly green to the second knuckles. 11 hours straight trimming, examining, and focusing on the leaves. The heady smell of the marijuana plants fading then returning with every snip. There was a promise for the summer. A sure thing. “We can pull in three to five grand easy,” Aaron […]

William E. Wallace and the completion of the OEP Re-Issues

It’s been a while, and kind of a crazy year. How have you been? Last year, almost a year ago, I announced our new partnership with Down & Out Books. I can’t say enough great things about Eric and Lance, who have done a stand up job with their own line of books, and have […]

From the Hip – Nick Kolakowski

Hola Honeys! That’s what I’m calling all of you now. Yes, it’s terrible and yes you all deserve it. You know exactly what you did and where. So, in keeping with my rigid and concise schedule, we’ve got another FROM THE HIP for you with Shotgun Honey’s very own Nick Kolakowski. He’s got a corker […]

Dodging Bullets: We’ve Got You Covered Blacky!

Welcome to the relaunch of Dodging Bullets where I will talk shop about all things Shotgun Honey related, plus a few odd and ends that I find interesting. What do I find interesting this week? Shotgun Honey turns 6 years old this month and we still churns out some of the best crime flash fiction […]

From the Hip – Alex Segura

Hey folks! So, an experiment – sort of, not like this hasn’t been done before. Though, I wanted to start an author Q&A series that wasn’t so ‘canned’, something where writers can shoot the shit while giving them the room to talk about whatever they’re pimping OR whatever strikes their fancy. For the first installment […]

Shotgun Honey Joins Down & Out Books

Today Shotgun Honey is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Eric Campbell and Down & Out Books (downandoutbooks.com), an independent publisher of literary  and crime fiction. Shotgun Honey joins the Tampa, FL based company as a new imprint focused primarily on short length crime fiction: collected short stories, novellas and short length novels. Shotgun Honey has a […]

Preacher: Episode 10 – Call and Response

And the landing my friends, it has been stuck. In what’s probably the episode to match the absolute whacked out mad cap humor of Garth Ennis nearly 1:1, Call and Response serves as a fantastic finale to what many could and should deem “Preacher Begins”. So it all leads to this: God’s coming by way […]

Preacher: Episode 9 – Finish the Song

Back to Ratwater! This week’s Finish the Song finally gives us a resolution to the Cowboy’s story—and it’s much stranger than you imagine. The least strange part? The Cowboy murdering the entire town as he forces a Chinese immigrant to continue singing an operatic ballad. It’s a tense and bloody scene. The Cowboy truly does […]

Preacher: Episode 8 – El Valero

Hey now, here’s the episode that should have followed Sundowner. I wonder if there was some kind of mix up last week and they aired a bunch of non-essential deleted scenes. Because seriously, I’m still mad about He Gone. Anyway, El Valero is a bit of a return to form and some forward momentum that […]

Preacher: Episode 7 – He Gone

Nothing worse than spoiled good will. Even if it’s in the service of a good payoff. “He Gone” might be the weakest episode of the season so far—either a victim to the condensed storytelling a ten-episode season doesn’t have time for or a limited budget because of what’s to come. But whatever, that’s beside the […]