Blight Digest Winter 2015 Reveal

BLIGHT DIGEST Winter 2015 is expected to release the last week of February, and includes 13 all new tales to tingle and terrorize. Our Table of Contents: Grant Jerkins Mathew Andrew Eddie McNamara Angel Luis Colón Paul Garth Mathew Allan Garcia Jacqueline Seewald Tony Wilson John Steele J M Perkins William P Johnson John Leahy […]

Whole Hog by Angel Luis Colón

He broke into the trailer after the fairgrounds closed. Watched the pig races earlier and something gripped him—told him to save those little fuckers. It was probably the seven beers and whiskey doing the driving, but he ignored those thoughts. He was the hero—liberator of the oppressed swine.

The trailer was wide—larger than the one he’d seen the carnies shuffle the pigs into. He was sure this was the one, though—had a picture of a smiling hog with speed lines poking out of its rear. The pigs were nowhere to be seen. Didn’t matter, they were probably further in the back.

He took another sip of rye—it stung and warmed his chest. The taste was so nice he took another pull. Before he knew it, the bottle was empty. A full fifth of whiskey sitting in his gut, spurring him on. It numbed him—taught him to be a hero between acidic burps.

He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. Called out, “Here piggy,” in a half slurred sing-song.

One Eye Press Adds More Singles

Earlier this fall we announced the acquisition of Tom Pitts’ novella, LIFE OF SERVICE, with a tentative release of March 2015. Pitts novella kicks off our second season of the Singles line, and while on schedule we have changed the title to KNUCKLEBALL and should have a cover reveal late January, early February. Today we […]

All Hail the Queen by Angel Luis Colón

She climbed into the truck’s cab with a muffled sigh. The veiled mask over her head shifting to the right—it wasn’t a good fit. “We all set?” Craig grinned ear to ear. “In a sec.” She raised a gloved finger. Craig drummed a beat on the steering wheel. “Telling yah, I already got three farmers […]

Getting the Word Back Out by Angel Luis Colón

“The money or your life,” he said. It was a foolproof sales pitch—especially with an M1911 in his hand. The liquor store owner eyed the gun with the patience of a saint. There was a name tag on the collar of his navy cardigan—‘Frank’, it said. Frank raised his hands half-hearted and cocked his head […]