Shotgun Honey

Coming Home by Benjamin Welton

I can’t tell why, I just can’t. Blame it on the green light emanating from the dashboard, or blame it on the anniversary that came up after every “hello” at every store. “I just can’t believe she’s gone, you know. Such a sweet girl.”

Yes, very sweet.

No, the truth is that nothing I can name told me to drive out here on a night like this. I can hear the rain pounding on my roof with angry fists. The leak that I have been meaning to fix for months is quickly turning the backseat into a beach towel that’s been left out for the tide. I’ll throw it out in time.

Owen’s Bad Night by Benjamin Welton

Death Breath’s boot crashed on Owen’s head. It cut him hardway. “Motherfucker,” he thought, “motherfucker.” Owen stared up at the lights in the auditorium. He could hear the crowd chanting “You fucked up! You fucked up!” To Owen they sounded muffled, almost as if they were coming from underwater. The kicks were stiff and real […]