Book Release: A Mourning Song by Mark Westmoreland

It’s a pleasure today to bring our readers back to Tugalo County with A Mourning Song by Mark Westmoreland. What to Expect inside… Mack Dooley is a haunted man. After the events of A Violent Gospel left Mack at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, he’s back in A Mourning Song, forced to face his […]

Book Release: Hell of a Mess by Nick Kolakowski

We a please to announce the release of Hell of a Mess by Nick Kolakowski. In 2017, Nick introduced Fiona and Bill with A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps to readers, and quickly followed up with Slaughterhouse Blues and Main Bad Guy in 2018 and 2019. Two years later the series collected (and remastered with […]

Book Release: Lambs of Men by Charles Dodd White

We a please to announce the release of LAMBS OF MEN by Charles Dodd White. This marks the first print only release from Shotgun Honey, and is part of a two book deal with Charles Dodd White to reissue his first novels, Lambs of Men and A Shelter of Others (Dec 2022) in paperback form. […]

Book Release: Living the Gimmick by Bobby Mathews

We a please to announce the release of LIVING THE GIMMICK by Bobby Mathews. This is Bobby Mathews’ debut release with Shotgun Honey Books, the first of a two book deal which also includes next years MAGIC CITY BLUES. Buyers will get a preview with their purchase. What to Expect inside… When retired pro wrestler […]

Book Release: Money the Hard Way by David Tromblay

We a please to announce the release of MONEY THE HARD WAY by David Tromblay. This is the second outing for Moses Kincaid, directly following the events of SANGRE ROAD, which if you haven’t read you can catch up with the paperback or ebook. What to Expect inside… After Sangre Road comes to a dead-end […]

Book Release: Payback Is Forever by Nick Kolakowski

We a please to announce the release of “Payback Is Forever” by Nick Kolakowski. A throwback pulp novel in the vein of Donald Westlake’s Parker with the unique origin as an experiment in AI and seeing what a career’s worth of writing could produce when fed into an algorithm with certain prompts and parameters. The […]

Book Release: A Therapeutic Death by J.B. Stevens

We a please to announce the release of “A Therapeutic Death: Violent Short Stories” by J.B. Stevens. Featuring twenty-five stories of fiction and creative non-fiction drawn from experience and imagination, these stories will captivate and knock you out with heartfelt powerful prose. What to Expect inside… Crammed with twisted thrills, dark secrets, and elusive grasps […]

Book Release: Love & Bullets: Megabomb Editon by Nick Kolakowski

It’s here at last! All three “Love & Bullets” novellas in a single volume, with 14 chapters of new material, an upgraded ending, and loads more sick humor. It’s the biggest gonzo noir epic of the year, and it’s available from Shotgun Honey’s website, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Here’s the summary for this 400-page crime-fiction monster: Bill […]

Book Release: Shotgun Honey Presents v4: RECOIL

Shotgun Honey is pleased to announce the release of our 4th anthology: Shotgun Honey Presents v4: RECOIL. Twenty-three tales of crime from all walks of life by a talented catalog of creators. Available from your favorite online vendors in paperback and e-book, or direct order from Down and Out Books. Stories by: “Tell the Man […]

Release: Kraj the Enforcer: Stories by Rusty Barnes

About the Book Meet Kraj—pronounced krai—a low-level errand boy and hitman masquerading as a bouncer for Tricky Ricky Gutierrez, nefarious owner of the Twist, a club in upstate Elmira NY. A place that has both a LGBTQIA night and a cowboy country night, this cockeyed corner bar in northern Appalachia supports Ricky’s illegal schemes, and serves […]

Release: Chasing China White by Allan Leverone

About the Book Derek Weaver’s a junkie. He’s also homeless and jobless and into his dealer for way more cash than he can hope to repay. So when he’s given an ultimatum by the regional heroin supplier—commit a home invasion and steal enough jewelry to cover that man’s debt or take a one-way trip into […]

Release: The Honorary Jersey Girl by Albert Tucher

About the Book Criminal defense attorney Agnes Rodrigues got her client Hank Alves acquitted of a murder in the rainforest of the Big Island, but the victim was a cop’s wife, and a case like this doesn’t end with “not guilty.” When someone takes a shot at her client, and that someone looks like a […]