Pine Tree Bluffs Justice by Bruce Harris

The rifle rack behind Sheriff Tommy Denton’s desk was empty. The one-of-a-kind rifle the Sheriff had won in a special Winchester-sponsored shooting contest in Pine Tree Bluffs was missing. The unique prize had been found laying next to a murdered man, a murdered Sheriff to be precise. That was two weeks ago. Sheriff Roy Byrd […]

Hotdogs are Murder by Bruce Harris

…Baseball fans, welcome to the first of a four-game series between the LA Curds and your NY Carnivores. Boy, do we have a pitching matchup for your entertainment this evening… “Turn the radio up, I wanna hear the game.” …Now, let’s take a look at your starting lineup for the visiting LA Curds, who come […]

Can You Spare a Dime by Bruce Harris

You don’t wind up on the streets without bad luck and you don’t survive them without some good. The rummy that appeared to be sleeping one off outside the parking garage on 3rd Avenue had his share of both. Prior to getting laid off and coming to the self-realization that any hour of the day […]

Close Shave by Bruce Harris

I walked into the luncheonette, parked myself on one of the cracked faux leather red stools, dropped the newspaper on the counter and pretended to read. “Welcome. What’ll it be?” The guy behind the counter was pushing 60. Stained teeth contrasted with his bright white t-shirt and oversized chef’s hat. I didn’t make eye contact. […]