2024 Sneak Peek

As 2023 comes to a close, I want to thank our readers on behalf of myself and our authors for supporting Shotgun Honey and Shotgun Honey Books. The year hasn’t been without its bumps and hiccups, but these are things that help us learn and grow. To improve. We’ve published many wonderful books over the […]

The Referee by C.W. Blackwell

I called him The Referee because he never wore a stitch of color. Black jacket. Black slacks. White undershirt. Once, he showed up in a black and white-striped sweater and that’s when the name really stuck. He sat in the corner of the bar and drank rum with orange slices, watching small town traffic through […]

Book Release: Hard Mountain Clay by C.W. Blackwell

We are please to release Hard Mountain Clay by C.W. Blackwell, a harrowing tale of survival for two young siblings in an all too adult world. What to Expect inside… Siblings Ben and Maisy find they have no one to turn to after witnessing a gruesome hit-and-run that shatters their innocence. Not their mother, a […]

Author Q&A: C.W. Blackwell

This Friday (tomorrow) Shotgun Honey is releasing HARD MOUNTAIN CLAY, a novella that could technically be labeled Young Adult (YA), featuring a young protagonist named Ben who along with his sister face domestic threats and dangers that are all too real and all too adult. It is a story, as author Meagan Lucas states, that […]

The Road Players by C.W. Blackwell

Don’t think, just shoot. That’s what Donnie “Fats” Fazelli would tell us down at the pool hall on 41st Ave. It’s the only advice he ever gave—the only advice worth taking, he’d say. Some thought it was a throwaway line, like he didn’t want to spill any real secrets of the trade. But he’d say […]

We Take Care of Our Own by C.W. Blackwell

Chico jumps the curb and races the van over the sidewalk, his knuckles tight on the wheel. He hits the brakes at the front entrance, close enough to trigger the automatic double-doors. Benny, Lozano, and I stream out of the van, a typhoon of ski masks and Hefty bags. It’s 9:00am and the drug store […]

Windows to the Soul by C.W. Blackwell

9:20 Jackie watched the clock on the car stereo. Hands tight on the wheel. It was cold and there was a ragged stratum of ice curling up the windshield. She sat in a fog of her own breath. Engine running, heater off. She wanted to stay alert. “Come on, asshole,” she whispered. “Don’t take all […]