Shotgun Honey

Guilty Hands by Charlie Wade

He paused at the rooftop door. Deep breath. Last chance to focus. Last chance to think about quitting. The breath held, he opened the door. Bent over, he ran towards the edge. Body low, almost on the ground. Like a snake hugging the roof. At the edge he sat, pulled the rucksack off his back. […]

Route A66 by Charlie Wade

Becky was restless as hell as we pulled into the diner. I was fed up with Little Chefs and MacDonalds so when I spotted the Route A66 Diner sign in the Pennines, I was hooked. Place looked old but well kept. American theme obvious, but not overdone. An old car painted on the side wall, […]

The Boiler Room by Charlie Wade

“Hello is that Mr. Fife?” “Urm, yeah.” He sounded apprehensive. “Mr. Fife, this is Cal from Global Opportunities. We’re holding a very small amount of a great stock. It’s tipped for high gains. I know you’re a man who wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like this.” I didn’t take a breath, been saying it […]