A Wonderful Country by Dan O’Shea

A Wonderful Country A Darius Cunningham and Ezekiel Fisher story from the world of PENANCE U.S. Marine Scout/Sniper Barracks, Camp Pendleton California, 1979 The new guy dumped his duffel on his bunk, looked around the room. “So, which one of you assholes used to be the best shot here?” he said. Cocky. The new guys […]

North Star by Dan O’Shea

Lil’ Mike had skills. That’s why he was running this primo corner north of the Ike, couple blocks west of the Stadium. Knew how to spot the five-0, knew how to work the suburban white breads that didn’t like to wander too far into the hood to score, Lil’ Mike giving ‘em a mix of […]

Pink Cadillac by Dan O’Shea

She was always on his ass about the volunteer firefighter gig, saying it was about drinking with the guys, just another way to get out of the house. Well fuck, he was married to her, wasn’t he? Of course it was about getting out of the house. But it also meant he had an O2 […]

Interview: Daniel B. O’Shea

Welcome to our new interview series “How I Got The Gun?” where we will interview past and hopefully future contributors to Shotgun Honey. The goal to give you insight to the stories, the process and the inspiration of some of the finest, in our humble opinion, writers new and old. Shotgun Honey debuted with its […]

Two-Phones by Dan O’Shea

Smart-ass in front of Slim in the security queue at Midway couldn’t keep his mouth shut, guy dumping his shit in the plastic box, two fucking cell phones and a PDA coming off his belt like he was Batman or something, a fat money clip with a Franklin on the outside. “Take off your belt, […]