Repo by Dustin Walker

“Mommy, I need to pee.” Cindy sighs, kills the headlights of her repo truck and turns to face her eight-year-old son in the backseat. Charlie stares slack-jawed at the glowing tablet in his hands, the kind with the protective blue-rubber case around it. A must-have upgrade for clumsy kids and overworked moms. “I asked if […]

Deep Breathing by Dustin Walker

On the outside, Rick was steel. He nodded as the Don lectured him, never breaking eye contact with the old man. Never flinching at his veiled threats. But on the inside, alarms blasted through Rick’s head. His muscles coiled and his heart rattled like gunfire. The smoke-filled office became increasingly hot and choking. Suffocating. Rick […]

Stick with the Plan by Dustin Walker

I parked the stolen Monte Carlo across from the strip mall, feeling damn good about this job. Few shoppers, light traffic. Should be easy. But then Mark tossed his surgical mask up from the back seat. “Gonna wear my ski mask instead.” His voice like crushed stone. Ben spun around. Brows creased, eyes narrowed. His […]