Drive-In Saturday by Ed Kurtz

It was hard to tell, but the blond-haired boy with the wispy fur on his face seemed to have fallen asleep halfway through the second feature, some kind of hippie horror acid freak-out thing Caroline wasn’t really paying attention to, her eyes fixed instead on the rise and fall of the boy’s chest, his delicate, […]

Blight Digest Launches

One Eye Press is thrilled to announce the digital release of Blight Digest, a seasonal fiction magazine dedicated to horror. Editors Bracken MacLeod and Jan Kozlowski, along with publisher Ron Earl Phillips, have collected 10 of the best horror and dark fiction stories for this debut launch. A print edition is following and should be […]

Amore Violenta by Ed Kurtz

Francesca opened her eyes and peered through the false lashes at the setting sun. The horizon was purple and pink (colors of a baby girl’s nursery, she thought) and the light filtered through the treetops like bright needles. Beneath her the grass felt cool and crisp, freshly cut but long enough to provide a soft bed to die upon. It had been damp in the morning, with the sunrise—dewy. Floating in and out throughout the day (at times occurring to her she felt like she was in the water, bobbing up and down at the surface), she had noted the changing position of the sun, the shift of the clouds lazing across the late summer sky above her. They looked to her very much like candy floss being gradually shredded apart, perhaps by some overeager child’s sticky hands at a carnival. She strained to recall whether or not she had ever had candy floss in such circumstances, but her mind was far too hazy to bring anything like that to the fore.

Cuffs by Ed Kurtz

“Hell, girl,” Morrie said, scratching the back of his neck. “I don’t guess I ever thought of nothing like that.” She rattled the handcuffs and looked up at him from the edge of the bed, where she sat birthday naked, her brown eyes wide and thick bottom lip puffed out. Morrie felt himself stir in […]

Bad Luck Billy by Ed Kurtz

Pushing a loose strand of auburn hair away from her wet eyes, she sits behind the wheel and stares—across the parking lot and over the freeway, choked with traffic. One direction stretches north to Waco, the other southwest to San Antonio. But she goes neither way. She just sits, the motor idling, a cigarette burning […]

Take a Shot: Ed Kurtz on Death of a Red Heroine, Qiu Xiaolong

While recently browsing a local bookstore with some time to kill, I came upon a display of paperbacks from independent New York-based publisher Soho Crime. I was quick to realize that their line consists entirely of “international mysteries,” meaning crime tales that largely take place outside of the U.S., and the first of the lot […]

Bea’s Wager by Ed Kurtz

When Beatrice opened the door, she assumed the two young men on her front porch were Christians from some church or another. They looked the part. She said, “Sorry, we’re agnostic.” The taller of the pair, his hair shaved to stubble, grinned like a monkey. “If you ever want to see your daughter alive again, […]

Roadbeds by Ed Kurtz

For L.B. Maury was taking a smoke break when the two thugs showed up. They arrived in a black Lincoln and summoned the crew boss from the dusty light of the car’s headlamps. Lucky was bawling out a digger at the time, a Puerto Rican backhoe operator, and Lucky didn’t quit bawling a guy out […]