Preacher: Episode 10 – Call and Response

And the landing my friends, it has been stuck. In what’s probably the episode to match the absolute whacked out mad cap humor of Garth Ennis nearly 1:1, Call and Response serves as a fantastic finale to what many could and should deem “Preacher Begins”. So it all leads to this: God’s coming by way […]

Preacher: Episode 9 – Finish the Song

Back to Ratwater! This week’s Finish the Song finally gives us a resolution to the Cowboy’s story—and it’s much stranger than you imagine. The least strange part? The Cowboy murdering the entire town as he forces a Chinese immigrant to continue singing an operatic ballad. It’s a tense and bloody scene. The Cowboy truly does […]

Preacher: Episode 8 – El Valero

Hey now, here’s the episode that should have followed Sundowner. I wonder if there was some kind of mix up last week and they aired a bunch of non-essential deleted scenes. Because seriously, I’m still mad about He Gone. Anyway, El Valero is a bit of a return to form and some forward momentum that […]

Preacher: Episode 7 – He Gone

Nothing worse than spoiled good will. Even if it’s in the service of a good payoff. “He Gone” might be the weakest episode of the season so far—either a victim to the condensed storytelling a ten-episode season doesn’t have time for or a limited budget because of what’s to come. But whatever, that’s beside the […]

Preacher: Episode 6 – Sundowner

Oh…damn. This week’s Preacher can definitely be pegged as the best of the run so far. With news that Season 2’s been greenlit, I think it’s high time folks on the fence jumped on over. If Sundowner is any indication, everything’s gonna get real fucky real fast. We open with Jesse finally hearing the truth […]

Preacher: Episode 5 – The South Will Rise Again

All hell’s a-comin’ friends. South Will Rise Again feels two episodes late. Especially as we’re back in the past as our Cowboy friend finally enters the wonderful sounding town of Ratwater. Name like that, I can’t imagine there being any issues for our quiet rider. Oh wait, no, Ratwater is a fucking terrible place where […]

Preacher: Episode 4 – Monster Swamp

We’re still moving slowly, but surely enough, we’re moving. This week’s “Monster Swamp” is a weird one. I’m beginning to understand why some folks aren’t entirely sold on Preacher, but at the same time, AMC is pretty legendary for its budget fuckery and wheel-spinning it necessitates; so there needs to be plenty of moments where […]

Preacher: Episode 3 – Possibilities

We’re on a weekly schedule! About damn time. So, do we finally get moving? Well, yes and no. I can still see folks being nonplussed with the momentum of Preacher so far, but ‘Possibilities’ presents, well, possibilities. A lot of them. We open with Tulip making a visit to Houston. She’s handing over that Grail […]

Preacher: Episode 2 – See

Two goddamn weeks we waited and well, we get a LOT more questions than answers on this week’s Preacher. Rogen and company seem to be fans of the slow burn and while we get a few pops this week, that fuse is still long as fuck. That’s not to say ‘See’ doesn’t provide a great […]

Preacher: Pilot – Time of the Preacher

After what feels like many, many years of false starts and sudden deaths, AMC aired the first episode of Preacher Sunday night. Aw man, there’s about forty different ways I can think of to start this… I can make some fun referential jokes to the source material; cite my sad, sad, sad knowledge of the […]