Hidden Past Part Three by Gay Kinman

Then things happened all at once. It was Sunday afternoon when everybody should be taking things easy. The boy wasn’t. I saw him take off with a look on his face that sure gave me a bad feeling. He was headed for Hank’s place and he didn’t look like he was going acourtin’. The buggy […]

Hidden Past Part Two by Gay Kinman

A few days later, I’d checked on Clem and was walking from his house through the back of the hardware store. I overheard a strange voice talking to the boy. “Ya gotta stake me. I ain’t got money at all. Don’t forget I can tell everybody who you are and why you’re here.” The boy […]

Hidden Past Part One by Gay Kinman

Los Olivos, California, 1882 The road was muddy as usual in the late Spring with a hint of more rain in the evening’s darkness. The trees still held drops from the last downpour and shook them off when the wind blew. My open buggy was no protection as my sodden trousers and jacket proved. Betsy, […]